Ace your first virtual date with these tips


The dating scenarios seem to have taken a huge shift since the world had come to a standstill due to the global pandemic. Apart from the pandemic and the social distancing norms, the dating world has undergone some drastic twists and turns. The advent of dating apps changed the course of falling in love, its more about online interaction and thinking of ways to induce a friendly conversation with someone you met online.

Since stepping out for a first date seems like a long jump nowadays because of distancing norms, but you can always resort to online dating platforms. But again, how would you begin the talk? Well, to sort that dilemma out we have a list of few ways you can try and break the ice on your first virtual date and keep all the awkwardness at bay.

Open with a joke maybe?


Well, so as to add some sugar and spice in your first virtual conversation you can try and open it with a joke. Even if its a poor or a lame one at least it would lay off of the awkwardness and give you something to talk about. This way you can make a quirky first impression instead of turning towards the boring and mainstream ways of introduction.

Opt for some fun games

Virtual dating is not all disappointing you have plenty of things that you can try out on your first date. Take this as a golden opportunity to know about his/her likes, dislikes, interests, and hobbies, and you can also loosen up the conversation and play some virtual games to have a little of your own.

A little nostalgia might work


At times when you try to break the ice on your first date, you can think of some quirky story like some blast from the pastto narrate in front of your date. This way you can easily get out of the uncomfortable awkwardness and you can also spice up the story a little by altering it just to add some light laughter into your virtual date session.

101 Stalking guide

This is more like a pro tip, when youre all nervous and skeptical about what to say and what not to say on your first virtual date then the best trick is to be thorough with your information. You should up your stalking game, and try to know a little something about your date just so that you can create a conversation according to their interests and likes.

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