Continuing the regal affair at ICW: Day 4 

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The second digital edition of India couture week seemed to continue the regal essence of the event on the fourth day. Day 4 at FDCI India Couture week 2021 seems to be the celebration of bold and royal hues depicted by three prolific and extremely talented designers. Like all the other days some ace designers swept the show with eye-catching couture lines. From Ashima- Leena, Amit GT to Shantanu and Nikhil, all these couturiers made the ongoing event even more successful and glamorous.

‘Nazm-e-Mahal’ by Ashima-Leena

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Ashima-Leena, one of the finest designers India has, the duo is known for their timeless pieces and their ability to take inspiration from our Indian heritage and turn it into a fine range of couture. Ashima-Leena showcased their couture line ‘Nazm-e-Mahal’ at the second digital edition of the India couture week 2021. The couture line inculcates a fine package of intricate hand embroidery and woven textiles inspired by the old age trends of Maharanis in the Mughal era. The whole purpose was to reflect the poetic notion and the old-school charm through their exquisitely carved-out collection.

‘Scintilla’ by Amit GT

The internationally acclaimed Amit GT is again one of the finest we have. The India couture week 2021 witnessed his couture line on the fourth day of the event. His couture line ‘Scintilla’ aims at celebrating the blooms and the pretty warm hues of nature. He depicted the natural elements of our lush nature, from dew drops to colors of the sky his collections portrays it all. ‘Scintilla’ means a spark of light and his Amit GT’s splendid collection was nothing less than a delight to our eyes and sparkling edition to the range of Indian fashion.

‘Oasis’ by Shantanu and Nikhil

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The outstanding couturiers, Shantanu and Nikhil showcased their collection ‘Oasis’ at FDCI’s and the second digital edition of India couture week 2021. They represented the essence of regal golds, navy, ravishing reds, to bold blacks through their mesmerizing line. Shantanu and Nikhil aim at highlighting beauty for the deprived of it, glamour to those missing it, and most important power to those who need it. ‘Oasis’ represents plush fabrics and dynamic prints for both men and women.

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