All that jazz in FDCI’s Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week day 2

FDCI's Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week

FDCI’s Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week day 2 that took place on October 15, saw an impressive line-up of designers who showcased their exquisite designs. 

FDCI's Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week
Gauri & Nainika’s Collection

Gauri & Nainika

Fresh, free-spirited and feminine, Gauri & Nainika’s Spring-Summer 2021 collection takes you on a journey that is uplifting where beauty and nature set the mood for a sunlit summer romance. From Victorian inspired florals to a soft Dutch inspired delft print in leaf-green, a variety of prints have been used in the collection. The line includes a range of wartime inspired demure pencil dresses, wrap dresses and shirt dresses that have been made in a vintage colour palette of scarlet red, bottle green and classic black. As a result, one also sees some easy to wear, flowy crepe dresses in the line which stand out because of the stark colours that have been used. Adding a touch of vintage glamour, the line has been dotted with highlights of small black velvet roses that give a romantic feel.

FDCI's Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week
Suneet Varma’s Collection

Suneet Varma

Suneet Varma’s colllection for India Fashion Week, The Eternal Lightness of Being, was dreamy. As a result, the collection was replete with the laughter of lilacs. An idyllic summer mood set off by soft hues, colorful prints, and languid silhouettes. Waves of crinkled chiffon, crushed georgette and organza create light caressing textures in refreshing yellows, somber pinks, limes and blues. Therefore, a concoction of nature in the harmonious pairing of ebony and ivory with a dash of aqua brought sunshine. Hence, tailored tunics and stylized sarees in fine chiffons with soft hues in a multi-coloured palette tiptoe lightly into spring.

FDCI's Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week
Ravi Bajaj

Ravi Bajaj

Ravi Bajaj’s collection for India Fashion Week was an ode to the style and glamour of Indian cinema of the 60s-70s. Presented on some of the iconic songs of that era. However, the sound tracks are specially created and sung by Ravi Bajaj himself. His collection drew inspiration from stars such as Shammi Kapoor, Rajesh Khanna, Helen, Sharmila Tagore and Vyjayanthimala. Henceforth, the clothes have been given a more modern twist though, keeping with the times. 

FDCI's Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week
Limerick’s Collection

Limerick by Abirr n’ Nanki

Limerick’s collection for India Fashion Week was ‘Chrysalis’. It drew inspiration from a state of bloom that comes after the storm. As a result, it emphasised on the very state of optimism when the reset button has been pushed. Enabling one to be wholeheartedly engaged in the process that’s unfolding. Intricate signature motifs inspired by the Mughal gardens of the world serve as the core of this collection. The ancient architecture is given a contemporary update to embolden the design. Structure and patterns in each masterpiece. As a result, the colour story served as an interesting mix of pinks and ivory. Florals dominated the ensembles.

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