Aesthetic Weddings At Scenic Okinawa: Part 5


Travel to Okinawa for an ultimate wedding experience! Offering you everything from azure coasts to greenery spread across the milieu, Okinawa, Japan is your ideal destination for luxurious and elegant weddings. Let the calmness of the beaches immerse you in an unforgettable experience of tying the knot with your partner.


An Okinawan destination wedding is going to be your dream come true as the destination is replete with plentiful marine life and flourishing coral reefs, making it one of the most beautiful beach destinations in the world. Apart from the blue oceans, the vibrant pink cherry blossoms also constitute to the beautiful backdrop of Okinawa. The green mountains and blue skies in the area are something that every city dweller craves for.


As you visit the group of islands for your wedding, don’t forget to explore the culturally rich expanses of the area. With the ruins and restored castles of the Ryukyu kings, Okinawa also boasts of various delectable cuisines and cultures that enrich it.

Hotel Nikko Alivila

©Okura Nikko Hotels

This unique resort in Okinawa stands out because of its red-tiled roofs and white walls that exude Spanish colonial style against the backdrop of the azure ocean. The entire vibe of the resort is reflected in the name itself — ‘Alivila’ is a combination of the Spanish words ‘alivio’ (relaxation) and ‘villa’ (country house).


For a beautiful wedding experience, Lazor Garden Alivila Cristea Church and Alivila Glory Chapel within the property offer a beautiful wedding experience for the couples. Lazor Garden Alivila Cristea Church appears to be beautifully floating on the ocean and has banquets adjacent to it for a seamless experience. Alivila Glory Chapel is crafted in a Spanish style for a complete experience.


Each of the luxury 396 room accommodations has a dramatic ocean view and the various fine restaurants and bars that offer a memorable resort experience.

Here are all the details about the rooms and offerings of the hotel that make it an ideal destination for your wedding!

Stay hooked to this space to know about more exciting properties in Okinawa offering you everything for a lavish wedding!


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