Beauty Cautions For All Brides-To-Be


You must be so used to making lists of ‘To do’ things for your wedding by now, that you might as well be in a state of disbelief reading this article. Yes! We will tell you what not to do, as you will have aplenty people advising you on what to do from the moment you announce your D-day. We at Wedding Affair, brings you some beauty cautions for all brides-to-be:

  1. Skincare


    No two women’s skin is the same, so the magic created on a dear friend’s face may not weave the same magic for you. We suggest you Do Not switch over a New Skincare Regimen. Avoid making any changes in your basic skincare regimen right from your face wash, sunscreen, to-night creams. Trying new skin creams and serums or even sunscreens can induce eczema, acne and comedones if they don’t suit your skin type. The same applies to new foundations, concealers and primers as well.

  2. No Experiments

    absurd styles

    Fancy Effie Trinket’s outrageous hair colours from ‘The Hunger Games’! Even if you do, keep it for another time and spare your hair for the wedding. In the not-to-do list, we suggest that you Do Not Try on a completely New Hair Colour ten days before your wedding. The oxidation process might just leave your hair looking disgusting and your favourite aunts and nieces popping their eyes out in shock. Avoid trying hair colour for the first time or trying a new brand to avoid chances of allergies one might not be aware of. Hair colour can induce allergic reactions, which can come on your facial skin, eyes, areas around the ears, which can take up to a week or more to treat.

  3. Bye Haircut

    get the look

    No one can possibly beat Kelly Osbourne when it comes to bizarre haircuts. There is nothing you can do to undo a hair disaster. No amount of any magical concoction can grow back your chopped off hair. So we suggest Not To Try on a Drastic Hair cut when it is just ten days left for the wedding. But if you must, do so, at least a month in advance. We suggest not to go for hair straightening or perming your hair for the first time if you have dry, curly or straight hair.

  4. Say No To Bikini Wax


    Bikini Wax! First-ever! Do Not Get it Done during the ten-day count down. Girls flinch at the thought of getting the bikini line waxed, for reasons so obvious. Not that we endorse only hairless beauty of women at a painful cost, it’s totally up to you women out there. But if you decide on it then decide it a bit early so that you can lose yourself to better feelings rather than painful, swollen, burning and irritated feelings down there.

  5. Little Pampering


    Now all said and done, you are ready to take on your wedding. But wait, not before we address the ‘Fifth Issue’ the ‘You Issue’. Well, all we want to say is Don’t Treat Yourself Bad! In the process of being the most beautiful bride don’t torture yourself giving up on all your favourite food and drinks. Don’t tire yourself by doing and thinking too much, relax and be yourself, everything eventually gets taken care of. Live the last few days of your girlhood relishing the pampering bestowed on you, by your family.


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