Best Lipstick Shades For All Indian Skin Tones


It’s All About The Undertone. Undertones are those base colours in your complexion that determine whether you’re a warm, neutral or cool colour. And this is how you find out: Are you more likely to burn in the sun or tan? If you burn, your undertone is cooler. If you tan, your undertone is warm. Look at the colour of the veins on your wrist—blue usually means cool and green usually means warm, but if you can’t quite tell, you might be neutral. 

Now onto the best lipstick colours of all time, organized by the amount of melanin in your skin… 

Here are the best lipstick shades for Indian skin, be it dusky or wheatish skin:

1.The Love Of Red

Lakme India

Indians, in general, are scared to wear reds and brights because they don’t think they can carry them off. Here we have, in general,e an easy solution: Olive skinned, dusky and yellow undertones look stunning in reds with hints of oranges. Meanwhile, a shade of red lipstick with hints of wine will look superb on cooler undertones.  Dusky beauties can opt for deeper berry hues.

2. Say Pink

Brown Girls

Brown Indian girls think they won’t look good in brighter hues. Pink lipsticks, both muted hues for day and brighter colours for evenings will complement the complexion. Who doesn’t look good in pink?

3. To Purple Or Not To Purple

colour pop uk

Please stay away from light purples that border on lilac unless you want to look like a Smurf.  Deeper shades of purple lipstick can look great on both warm and cool undertones. Plum shades that contrast beautifully with Indian skins and brown eyes. Take your pick to relive the ’90s vibe.

4. Lipstick Shades For Dusky Skin

dainty angel

Contrary to popular belief, deliciously dusky skin tones are the easiest to style. Lipstick for dark skin is easier to figure out because the dusky tone acts as a great blank canvas for poppy shades. While neutral shades like copper brown and peach work brilliantly as everyday wear, shades like red, magenta and taupe look great on dressy evenings.

5. Lipstick Shades For Wheatish Skin


Now it’s time to talk about the best lipstick shades for wheatish skin. Choosing lipstick shades for medium skin tone can be tough but not with our help. For daytime colours, go for nudes and lighter corals. For evenings when you need to make a statement with your pout, go for brick reds, burgundies, wines or berries. In fact, wheatish skin toned women can pull of vampy shades very well.

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