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Bridal Jewellery with Diamonds, Gems and Pearls studded in gold, precious metal such as Necklace, Rings, Bracelets etc. Jewellery is a perfect spice to complement and the exclamation point.

Type of Jewellery: Anklet, Barrette, Belt buckle, Belly chain, Bindi, Bolo tie, Bracelet, Brooch, Chatelaine, Collarpin, Crown, Cufflink, Earring, Ferronnière, Genital, Lapel-pin, Necklace, Pendant, Ring, Tiara, Tie chain, Tie clip, Tie pin, Toe ring.

Deck yourself in Temple Jewellery

Formerly used to adorn idols of deities and later found in the chests of royal families, Wedding Affair brings all about temple jewellery.

Jewellery pieces that exude classic elegance

Wedding Affair enlists ta few of the most sought-after jewellery pieces. The brides must try to get their hands on something auspicious.

Perfect ‘Inspo’ for your wedding ring!

The first seal for the wedding is marked by a wedding ring. And diamonds is the choicest of gems for making up that bling...

The best of 2020 jewellery trends for the bride

You need to style those big hoops, chunky chains and over-the-top rings to all your evening soirees, this season, to keep up with trends.

Global jewellery trends for the bride

Trends of the last year set the tone of the upcoming trends in the jewellery industry. Wedding Affair enlists jewellery trends for the bride to choose from.

Zoya: Bijouterie of Art and Celebrations

Amanpreet Ahluwalia, Business Head - Zoya, narrates the spirit and stories of Zoya jewellery, in conversation with Wedding Affair.

Wedding jewellery for the Rajputana Brides

In a heavy Gota Patti embroidered Rajputi poshak and equally rich and heavy Rajputi jewellery, the Rajputana bride resembles a princess.

Bridal Jewellery for Maharashtrian brides 

Traditionally, most Maharashtrian brides have liked pairing pearls and golds as is visible from Marathi literature and poetry as well.

Wedding jewellery for a Bengali bride

The Bengali bride usually wears a lot of jewellery and it is mostly gold and silver. In yesteryears, women used to wear a massive amount of gold.

Bridal jewellery ideas for Punjabi brides

Punjabis also have some jewellery that they wear on their wedding day. Wedding Affair brings to you all you should know about Punjabi bridal jewellery.

Diamond Jewellery: A Bride’s Best Friend

To help you find the best bridal diamond jewellery for you, take a look at these extraordinary diamond jewellery curated by WA.

Scintillating Jewellery Ideas For South-Indian Brides

Here is a compilation of jewellery for South Indian brides that have been loved in the past, is still adored and will always be iconic in the future.