Quintessential Earrings Every Girl Should Own

Need help in creating a full-proof trousseau of ‘must-have earrings’? Cause voila, you’ve landed on just the right spot as Wedding Affair brings to you a list of quintessential earrings every girl should own in order to rock any outfit any day.

Celebrity-Inspired Engagement Rings

A wedding ring is one of the most important bijouterie for the bride. Selected with months of research and purchased with years of savings, the wedding ring is undoubtedly a piece of jewellery that must be curated with love and care.

Level Up Your Jewellery Game For This New Year’s Eve

Wedding Affair is here to spill the tea on how to amplify any of your basic New Year’s Eve outfit with a baller jewellery game.

OTT Maang Tikkas Sported On Real Brides

Every bride becomes a stickler for perfection when it comes to her wedding. These real-life brides like everything over the top, then why not her maang tikka. Have a look at brides who have aced the jewellery game.

Quirky Jewellery For The Millennials

Millennials love to experiment. Be it chunky jewellery or high jewellery, they love to try them all and style them with the greatest ease. Earrings, chains, pendants, stacked rings and bracelets are some of the millennial favourites right now.

Edgy Jewellery Pieces To Try This Season

Winter season is the perfect one to style edgy jewellery with those gorgeous turtle necks. Wedding Affair has enlisted some cool edgy jewellery that you must try this season.

Bijouterie For The A La Mode Bride

Bridal jewellery is the culmination of everything extravagant, gaudy and regal. From beautifully crafted diamond rings to exclusive gemstones and precious metals — brides deserve just the best for their wedding day.

Build Your Trousseau With These Jewellery Launches Of 2019

From the most extraordinary jewels to the prettiest trinkets — the brides love to experiment with their jewellery to shine out of the crowd.

Statement Choker Neck Pieces Sported By B-Town Divas

We are back to the basics as the 90s trends make a comeback. One jewellery trend is the choker. Wedding Affair brings you chokers sported by our B-town divas that are a total steal.

Celeb-Inspired Minimalist Maang Tikka

Jewellery is an integral part of traditional ensembles. One of the most important and underrated pieces of jewellery is the maang tikka. Wedding Affair brings you ideas from our very own B-town divas that were seen sporting a minimalist maang tikka that every woman can adorn.
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