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Bridal Jewellery with Diamonds, Gems and Pearls studded in gold, precious metal such as Necklace, Rings, Bracelets etc. Jewellery is a perfect spice to complement and the exclamation point.

Type of Jewellery: Anklet, Barrette, Belt buckle, Belly chain, Bindi, Bolo tie, Bracelet, Brooch, Chatelaine, Collarpin, Crown, Cufflink, Earring, Ferronnière, Genital, Lapel-pin, Necklace, Pendant, Ring, Tiara, Tie chain, Tie clip, Tie pin, Toe ring.

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Adding emeralds to your bridal look

Those who say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, haven’t seen emeralds. With emeralds classic appeal it will win the heart of its admirer.

Deck yourself in Temple Jewellery

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Zoya: Bijouterie of Art and Celebrations

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