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Every Bride to be wants to look the best on her D-Day, we at WEDDING AFFAIR guide you and ensure that she feel and look the most Gorgeous bride.

Looking for Beauty trends and tips? WEDDING AFFAIR is here with latest Bridal Grooming, Hair Styling, Skin Care and Makeup ideas with best Brands & Products.

Get rid of that oil!: DIY masks for good riddance from...

Beauty always comes first right? Well, so here we have a few elements that you can add to your face masks just to get rid...

#BeautyHacks to beat the summer heat 

Beauty comes with its share of troubles, and especially during the summer heat you better make appropriate choices.

Lipsticks, not just confined to your lips: Makeup tips

did you know that you could also use your lipsticks in more than just one way? Well, if not then we have some interesting insight for you right below. 

“Must have in monsoon”: List of essentials in your handbag!

here we have a list of essentials that you need to stock up in your handbags while the monsoon season is on.

#SkincareForSummer: 4 beauty essentials to carry this summer

you need to have a look at a few summer essentials to carry along with you at all times during this summer.

Tips to follow before buying a beauty product!

Impulsive buys are like a birthright for the ladies out there, but you need to think before buying beauty products as they might hate your skin.

Bridal tips to conquer the wedding: one night before edition 

We have a list of four tips that you brides need to follow one night before your wedding day in order to avoid certain backlashes in your fairytale beginning. 

Grab green tea as a skin treatment!

So, let us have a look at Green tea and its benefits especially in terms of skincare. 

Protect your skin this Monsoon with these skincare tips!

Monsoon is a period where you need to take extra care of your skin as it can attract many infections, here are a few tips to avoid such issues

Organic on the go!!: Four organic makeup brand

Are you girls a little worried about ruining your skin with all the makeup that you use. no need to worry now, as we have a few organic makeup brands to follow.

How does Yoga impact your skin?!

Yoga is associated with many things and during this pandemic, it's safe to say that we’re finally starting to appreciate yoga.

Products you need to own to stay fit

You can always exercise at home or make use of your building compound. Here are a few products that will help you deal with the current scenario a little better.