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Bridal Makeup, Skin Care, Hair Styling & Hair Care, Fitness.  Best Salons, Beauty Products for beauty treatments for Oily Skin & Dry Skin for the Bride.

Cosmetics for face, lips, eyes by best brands of best makeup for brides for all occasions.

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Every Bride to be wants to look the best on her D-Day, we at WEDDING AFFAIR guide you and ensure that she feel and look the most Gorgeous bride.

Looking for Beauty trends and tips? WEDDING AFFAIR is here with latest Bridal Grooming, Hair Styling, Skin Care and Makeup ideas with best Brands & Products.

Make your own Facial Mists for this summer

Mists are indeed our summer saviours. Time to put your DIY hats on cause we're making some cool DIY face mists today! 

Brides! Use these to keep your eyeshadow game on point!

Wedding Affair presents a list of the best eyeshadow palettes available for you. Try these and see the results for yourself!

Bad beauty habits you need to ditch ASAP!

To take your daily regimen out of the danger zone, here are some bad beauty habits you need to ditch and what to do instead.

Little ways to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle

Following a healthy lifestyle may seem like a bit of a task and it is. We've listed small lifestyle changes you can make to be healthy.

Calcium rich food to include in your diet

Calcium and vitamin D are the two most important minerals for your body. Here are foods you can eat to improve bone health.

Beauty rituals brides should indulge before her wedding

We have rounded up a few beauty rituals that every brides need to schedule in advance before the big day. Read on to find more.

Look fresh as a flower with these simple tricks

After a hectic day, everyone wants to look fresh as a flower. There are some easy tricks to look less tired and flawless. 

A 101 guide to keep your mind and body happy

There’s grit in people to look good and alluring in the eyes of other people. Here's what you can do to have a happy body and mind. 

Tips brides need to know for gut and weight management

It not only affects our weight, but also our stress, sleep, hormones. Here's a few things to take care of your gut health and manage weight.

Changing skincare with Seasons

Keep reading to discover how to transition your skincare routine as the seasons change. Wedding Affair offers some seasonal skincare advice.

Gen Z hair and makeup trends you need to try

Our prophecy states that these bombshell hair and makeup trends will be big this year and you would eventually want to get your hands on.

Best remedies to get rid of tanning and achieve glowing skin

Tanning is a common problem that is a result of prolonged exposure to sunlight. Here are 4 simple home remedies to remove tanning.