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Bridal Makeup, Skin Care, Hair Styling & Hair Care, Fitness.  Best Salons, Beauty Products for beauty treatments for Oily Skin & Dry Skin for the Bride.

Cosmetics for face, lips, eyes by best brands of best makeup for brides for all occasions.

Grooming, Fitness, Gyms, Personal Trainer for proper workouts to look Gorgeous and to be in shape.

Every Bride to be wants to look the best on her D-Day, we at WEDDING AFFAIR guide you and ensure that she feel and look the most Gorgeous bride.

Looking for Beauty trends and tips? WEDDING AFFAIR is here with latest Bridal Grooming, Hair Styling, Skin Care and Makeup ideas with best Brands & Products.

*Super* expensive facial masks for glowing skin

Wedding Affair has rounded up the best expensive masks, for when you’re ready to take masking seriously and graduate from those generic brand masks.

Arm exercises without weights you can do at home 

Here is a list of arm exercises, which you can do at home without weights and can implement into your routine or into 5 minutes of a busy day.

A 101 guide for the ultimate Digital Detox

Wedding Affair brings to you what you should know about the benefits of disconnecting, including actionable tips to finally unplug.

Spices to get a flat stomach without exercising

While there is no shortcut, to getting a flat stomach, there are a few spices that can help you get rid of bloating and kickstart the metabolism.

New age effective hair treatments for the bride

Wedding Affair brings to you the best hair treatments that will help dry hair feel rejuvenated and moisturized, frizzy hair become smooth. 

Cancelled weddings are changing women’s pregnancy plans

Facing social distancing guidelines and travel restrictions, weddings are getting postponed. Pregnancy is always filled with uncertainty.

Bridal makeup lookbook for a summer wedding

Wedding Affair has curated some looks. Try these bridal makeup looks by popular makeup artists and see your wedding look elevate.

Thirty-minutes workout to get that summer body

The workout is a series done at high intensity, one after the other in rapid succession. Exercises are done in short bursts of activity.

Stop Acne: skincare guide for acne-prone skin

Wedding Affair brings to you exactly what works and what doesn’t. Here’s a simplified guide to clear skin you need to follow. 

Yoga Asanas To Get You In Shape

Wedding Affair brings to you some effective yoga asanas that will get you in shape before your big day. This will get you in shape and will also give peace.

The eye shadow palettes of your dreams

Understanding the need for the perfect eyes for the bride, Wedding Affair recommends some of the best eye shadow palettes for the bride.

Bridal hairdos to rock this season

From pretty ponytails to the classic half-up, half-down style, Wedding Affair brings to you the prettiest hairdos you can try for your wedding.