Create golden moments at your home


Modern homes are all about minimalistic elegance and a lot of white spaces to give a breather to your mind. Dainty white spaces, accentuated with gold accents serve many purposes — breather for the mind, minimalistic elegance, luxurious touch, and aesthetic appeal. Hence, this trend has been surging high on the popularity-metre for a long time now. Wedding Affair mentions some of the ways in which you can give a classy look to your humble abode with golden accents.

Gold Accessories

Gold accessories are the easiest and most tasteful way to adorn your abode with golden accents. Accessories sit in a corner just lifting the mood of the entire space. Also, these are easier to invest in, easier to put in use and remove.golden

Lamps And Chandeliers

Choose a lamp or chandelier that is not heavy on the metal, but has more glass, with a touch of gold on the arms. This will give your dining room, living room, den, or bedroom a more elegant feeling. Yes, chandeliers are not only just for dining rooms anymore — consider adding one to an unexpected room for added glamour.

Furniture Accents

Acting as the anchor for your room, the coffee table or the centre table can act as the life of the space. If a gold coffee table is used, it immediately ups the luxury quotient of the art decoration in the room. Also, golden accents of sofas and armchairs can immediately amp up the aura of the area.


Adding golden hardware to your utility furniture like drawers can also lift up the atmosphere of the living space. Against chestnut coloured wood, golden accents look especially elegant. Consider adding gold accents to your home through brass hardware, fixtures, and accessories. If shiny gold seems too much for you, then consider an aged brass finish that allows you to add sheen without being too flashy.

Golden Fabrics

Use of golden velvets and other fabrics in the sofa and table covers also multiply the style quotient of the entire space. Small items like cushion covers can also render elegance and beauty. 

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