Employ Amla to your skin and hair regime


Gooseberry, popularly known as Amla in India, has proved to be the guardian angel with a plethora of restorative components. The trust of so many relies on the medicinal properties of the fruit, which is known propitious for skin and hairs. Recommend by doctors in its raw form and its properties incorporated in so many medicines, Amla has proved its worth long back. The first item that is enlisted under the subheading ‘best for skin and hair’ in the memoir of our Grandmother is Amla.  Its usage, not only cramped to medicines and drugs, proves to be your worthy companion in daily usage as well. It has carved a niche in the day to day regime of the blessed ones. Get fortunate in terms of good skin and health by employing Gooseberry in your regimen. Still wondering the benefits? Just read below.


Amla is a strong antioxidant. It’s beneficial includes a high content of Vitamin C, Vitamin E and fiber, amongst others.

Benefits for Skin

  1. Treats Pigmentation

Your wish to separate yourself from those large pores has finally been listened. Amla is well known for reducing Pores and make your skin look flawless and beautiful. It helps shrinks the pores to the minimum and tightens your skin if applied regularly.

2.       Anti-aging Benefits

Providing bait to many, its anti-aging properties are well liked. It has anti-aging properties to prevent you from looking old and elongating your youth. Still, need more reasons? Sure, read below.

3.       Lightens Complexion

Vitamin C and antioxidants in the fruit help lighten the complexion and make your skin brighter. The elements of the fruit will provide you with a flawless skin, that is glowing and smooth.

4.       Treats Acne and Pimple Scars

Bothering many, this issue needed a solution and Amla here has got your back. As a natural blood purifier, it fights the microorganisms in the skin, thus keeping skin infections, acne, and pimples at bay. It can be used as a drink or simply applied on the face.


Amla Juice Benefits For Hair

  1. Strengthens Hair

The problem of hair fall has been witnessed since time immemorial and one keeps running out of their money by employing it all to hair treatments. What one doesn’t know is that the issue can be resolved by the deployment of Amla to their hair issues. Prevent the hair fall by directly having the fruit or applying the paste on your scalp.

  1. Treats Dandruff

Dandruff, which appears to be polka dots on your hairs, needs to be kept at bay. Amla comes to your rescue against dandruff, curing it completely.

3.Prevents Premature Graying

Some people have to face the issue of their hairs turning gray even before they turn thirty. The use of Amla paste on the hairs can help cure the issue.

  1. Shiny and soft Hair

Similar to the ones shown in hair commercials, the hairs turn out to be shiny and soft, finally fulfilling your childhood dreams.


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