Essential ingredients in a loving relationship


What most people really want is a loving and permanent relationship. They may be obvious, basic to your marriage or relationship, hiding in plain sight, something you stopped doing, or something you never tried. Consider them against the backdrop of your relationship even in face of a pandemic, economic strain, and uncertainty. Wedding Affair brings to you four simple ingredients to add to your marriage.

Looking At Each Other

It is likely that when you first met your partner, you glanced into each other’s eyes as much as you could and in many aspects of your connection. In a culture that demands watching the road, watching the screen, the phone, the parallel chores, or the kids, the mutual gaze becomes more difficult over the years.


Resetting The Gaze

When couples look into each other’s eyes when they say hello or good-bye each day, when they are having that quick cup of coffee, when they are exchanging bags or kids on the soccer field, they affirm an intimate connection. After all, you don’t just gaze into everyone’s eyes.

Laughing With Each Other

Laughter has been shown to have physical, psychological, and interpersonal benefits in relationship. The couple that laughs together reduces stress, steps over “the small stuff,” and feels more connected. A sense of humor is always found to be an attractive trait. In particular, women like men who make them laugh and men are attracted to women who get them. Both women and men associate a sense of humor with playfulness and the resilience to get past the rough times in life.

Letting It Go

There is no couple that does not argue, fight, disagree, or wonder at times what planet the other has beamed in from. That said, the best of couples know when to let it go. They have learned that when people are in their angry reptilian brain, nothing good happens. One or both needs to hit a pause button, take the dog out, start cooking. They literally open a space to reset their regulation so they can differ without jeopardizing their relationship.


They are not giving up on addressing important differences of opinion. They are letting go of toxic clashes that become so escalated that solutions and mutual decisions can’t be found. When couples have a strong connection, they are not afraid of the fight and they are not afraid to give up the fight. They don’t equate differences or disagreements as lack of love. They don’t have to win to feel loved.

Letting The Other Know

Couples who have loving and sustaining relationship in some way let the other know just that. They push beyond the tendency we all have to take the other for granted by positively affirming their partner in small and big ways. They let the other know that they are friends and much more by finding a way to have the other feel desired. It might mean stepping over fatigue, working around infirmity, connecting through text messages, or always finding time (even 10 minutes) to just be together.

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