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December is the month of fun, frolic and so many parties! In the era of pandemic though, we certainly think that house parties are going to be big this year. So are you ready to host one? If you love playing host to the festive cheer, Wedding Affair has a few ideas for your home decor. Read on about the latest styles and launches that we have curated for your home decor needs!

Candles work wonder

A new year comes with new promises and hopes, and this time around, there is ardent anticipation for a healing balm and serenity. What better way than to light up your home with the gentle light from beautiful candles for a soothing vibe? Ellementry’s new candles in elegant terracotta and glass bowls come with natural soy scented wax made with vegetable-based ingredients, and it is biodegradable and non-toxic. Soy burns at a cooler temperature resulting in a cleaner, longer-lasting candle. Apart from looking great, they are big enough not to burn up in one sitting. While some candles have a single wick, the rest feature four wicks. These add an unique charm to your December home decor.

Book Cases for a Retro Look

Home DecorDesigned by the celebrated Vincent Van Duysen, the bookcase epitomizes purity and simplicity in form and function. The elegant Hector bookcase is a modular unit designed to achieve light and airy compositions of any length or height, as it is fixed upright between the floor and the ceiling. So it can also be used as a partition creating sub-divisions within spaces of your decor. Its load-bearing element, made of painted or wood-panelled extruded aluminium, is its core. It can extend up to a height of 315 cm, and the position of the uprights is off-set from each other to create an interesting visual effect. The best part is, during these work-from-home days, Hector bookcase plays multiple roles. You could easily use it as a workstation with the laptop/tablet, printer, etc finding their place both on the worktops and in the storage units with tip-up doors.

A statement Coffee Table

Home DecorAshley Furniture Home Store has launched a new collection of versatile coffee tables that come with a smart lift-top mechanism allowing them to do double duty as impromptu dining spaces or as workplaces. The quintessential coffee table has transformed to offer multiple functions and aesthetics in this home decor collection. With the lift-top mechanism, not only do you get an extra surface but also an option for using it for practical purposes like dining or working, as well as a shelf to prop up your treasured accent pieces.

Statement Lights

Czech lighting giant Sans Souci has launched in India an imposing statement light – Haida – that symbolizes a return to Nature, where the brand originated. Not only does this extraordinary piece epitomise meticulous handmade craftsmanship of glass-blowers, but it also implants the unconventional print of nature from the place – Haida. Each bulb in the light represents an impression of a basalt stone, carefully imprinted with brass or decorated with a soda effect. So there is the roughness of North Bohemian nature, and also the delicate lightness of glass art. It is designed by Tomáš Sákra. This will amplify your home decor to the next level!

Boutique Furniture Pieces

Gurgaon-based luxury interior concepts and custom design company MADS Creations has launched a new collection of statement chairs that add a fresh look to your home with their unique design. Every space needs an eye-catching piece of furniture that allows you to make a design statement. Here is a collection of luxury chairs conceived in on-trend styles and rich materials with exciting textures. These will impart a definite sophistication to your decor. Whether you place them in pairs or as singles, they are sure to offer a visual treat along with perfect ergonomic comfort.

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