Fun Festivities From Around The World


Weddings are not just about grand celebrations and extravagant parties. It is a significant way by which two people make the promise of sticking together, forever. It is a sacrosanct way of bringing together not just two people but their entire families as well. While there are different rituals and ceremonies involved in different regions, cultures and countries, the heart and spirit of these ceremonies remains the same. It aims to bring the couple and their respective families closer and make them bond well. Some rituals may be grimmer than the others, while some others may be merrier and frivolous than the rest. Whatever be the nature of the ritual, the ultimate aim is to lend a familial and happy feeling to the celebration. Hence, though the rituals can be diversely different from each other as one transcends into the horizons of regions, cultures, and countries; their fundamental focus remains unwavering – to create moments of love, mirth and gaiety that subsequently leads to an intimate bonding between the two families and the couple.