Get That *Sweat-Proof* Makeup Look


With summers come the sweat which has the tendency to spoil our clothes and hour-long efforts that we put on while applying our makeup to more beautify ourselves. It’s irritating the way it goes but somehow we have to manage it. Here are some tips and tricks for you to follow to get rid of sweating face after applying makeup.

1) Preparation Before Applying Anything


Before applying anything make sure to apply face primer, it will become a barrier which not let anything to come out or in. Try to use powdered products instead of cream or wet formulas.

2) Concealer Instead Of Foundation


Concealers are said to be better than foundations because it will not give you patchy skin after sweating when at some stage foundation will do so.

3) Pick Longwear Products


Try to use those products which boast long hour stay. Because it will stay longer as compared to those who aren’t claiming to stay for a longer duration.

4) Blotting Paper


Blotting papers are life saviour in summers with their propensity to absorb sweat from the face without even spoiling an inch of makeup. It is a must-have product in your bag this season.

5) Setting Spray For Your Rescue

Beauty Bridge

Setting spray or mist is a wonderful element to add in your beauty products list. It not only let your makeup stay longer than usual as well as not let it make patchy.

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