Groom Game On: The Brooch saga

While a bride is expected to deck up and look perfect for the wedding, not much is expected out of a groom. But this perception has become ancient now. Men don’t have to hide away in the shadows while their brides steal away the show looking stunning – in their perfect attire and jewellery. And it’s alright if you don’t want to shell out a bomb on your clothes, just invest in a good accessory.

Our pick – A  Brooch. Believe it or not,  but a single brooch on your sherwani or tuxedo, or even your turban or safa can work wonders for your entire look.

Royal Connection

It has been historically associated with the Bronze Age. Apart from being widely used in the East, brooches were also adorned by Greek and Roman soldiers and kings to indicate one’s military status or noble hierarchy, and held great value for people during that era. It made a huge comeback amongst the ruling class in the Victorian Era. Once only a status symbol, it now became a raging fashion trend. – And it has remained so since.

In the Mughal empire, it was seen as a sign of one’s refined taste in jewellery. Tipu Sultan, known for his fine taste in jewels and precious stones, always wore a handkerchief on his robe, which was attached to his garb with an elaborate brooch.

You have every bit of a right to look like a Prince if nothing more on your wedding day. And lucky for you, Indian designers are known to design the best of the brooches.  Read on to know few the options that you can choose from:

Cameo or The Portrait Brooch

Oka Jewellery

As the name suggests it has a portrait in the center, generally carved out of a stone or shell.

Jewelled Brooch

P.C: pinmig

Adds a dash of glitz to the look. Comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and is studded with precious stones or pearls.

Stick Pin

P.C: theweddingtiara

A straight pin with a bauble on the top. This could either go on your suit/sherwani or on your headgear.

Sarpech  Brooch

P.C: Safa

A brooch for your turban/safa. It is a lavish piece of jewelry with rubies, diamonds, sapphires, or pearls, set in a gold frame.


P.C: pinimg

Traditionally worn by the Sikh grooms, historically they have been a part of even Hindu and Muslim royal wedding accessories. You can either go for a single feather or a cluster. Or even pair it with one of the other brooches.

Brooch with Chains

P.C: pinimg

A piece of jewelled centre attached to long running chains. For the man who is not scared of a little experimenting.

The Brooch is regal accessory that looks both dignified and stylish at the same time. It should be a must on your wedding shopping list!

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