How Not To *Ruin* Your Honeymoon?


You may have travelled a lot — with friends, family, co-workers, partners. But, there’s something very exciting yet nerve-racking about a honeymoon. It doesn’t matter if it is three days or three weeks, this is one holiday that you’ll never forget for the rest of your life. The sad part, however, is that amidst all the time that your wedding takes to plan, honeymoon gets pushed aside. Or it gets joked about with sly winks and nods at bridal showers and bachelor parties. However, it is this very subject that can often make or break a relationship. Yes, you heard that right! A lot of couples (even if they dated for a while prior to their nuptials) end up in a nightmare on their honeymoon.

A ‘memorable’ honeymoon doesn’t always translate into happy, exciting and romantic — like you may have always imagined. Taking care of a few slip-ups can make this vacation simply the best days of your life.

1. Getting Tired Because Of Too Much Site-Seeing


Going from landmark to landmark, that too when you are running on a schedule can be an unnerving experience. Being in a foreign city where you don’t even speak the language adds to the stress. It is true that you’d want to visit all the beautiful places of that country but don’t forget to add some downtime in your honeymoon itinerary. Don’t forget that you’ve just gotten married, you need to enjoy it, celebrate it. Do make some time every day where you two can just be close to each other, talk and make love.

2. Cheaping Out On The Flights / Hotel


Sure, when it comes to planning a honeymoon, a lot of things are running in the back of your head. The wedding itself calls for such a huge expense, for which your honeymoon gets to cover. But trust us, that is so wrong on your part! Putting in a little more money in your honeymoon account will not only give a more pleasurable experience, it will keep you away from spoiling the whole trip. Hurrying on connecting flights can only ruin your romantic getaway. We agree that with all that site-seeing that you’ll be doing, you won’t spend much time in your room, Sure, in site-seeing locales, you won’t spend all that much time in your room. Everywhere else though, a nice room is worth a little splurge. No, you don’t need the honeymoon suite (what would you do with the extra room anyway? Wait, don’t answer that), but you do need enough space for your luggage and a comfy bed. Ambience couldn’t hurt, either. After all, you will be having lots of sex on this vacation, won’t you?

3. Carbon Copying Your Best Friend’s Honeymoon


Yes, it would have worked for your friends, but every couple is different — different needs, different interests. The best way to plan a perfect honeymoon is for both of you to sit together and plan a honeymoon according to your personal tastes. Your friends might have chosen to have fun in the snowfall, your would-be wife may be interested to spend time on the beach, there a lot of things that may be completely opposite to what your friends might have done. From adventure activities to going from one food joint to another just to try their cheesecake, don’t forget that it is your honeymoon, not theirs — you should do what excites you.

4. Leaving Too Soon After the Wedding


Thanks to the film industry, the idea of leaving for the honeymoon as soon as you get married is extremely popular. There is something very romantic about exiting your wedding reception and piling into a car that whisks you off to an airport. But it can be a little too much to ask for after you’ve just finished your week-long big fat Indian wedding. You will be exhausted after the wedding, not wanting to think about catching a flight in a few hours. There are so many things that might screw up – stowing your luggage and passport in a safe place, assigning someone to take all of your wedding presents home, finding a place in the airport to change out of your wedding attire. Taking a few days after the wedding will only call for a more relaxed honeymoon.

5. Stop Worrying About The ‘Sex’


It is true that honeymoon may be all about you and your partner sharing some extremely amorous moments with each other. There’s nothing more romantic than waking up after a great sex, in a comfortable bed, next to the love of your life. That said, there might be some couples who may have trouble in this area. Arrange marriage where the couple has recently got to know each other, too nervous because of performance pressure, too tired of the long walks — there might be a lot of reasons why one may not have that much pleasure that a honeymoon is hyped to be. But that is completely normal. This time is all about getting to your partner better and celebrating your love. Overthinking about sex will only lead you to spoil your mood — eventually the whole trip. Try making some moves to lure your partner in bed but in case they don’t, don’t stress over it. Focus on making this vacation a happy experience for both of you — great sex is obviously an added bonus!

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