Ideas For A Perfect Pool Party

Pool Party

Summers can be all fun and games until the heat becomes too much to handle, and next thing you know, you are caught only in at your houses sitting in that AC. It can become so boring and dull in the summers, when you are caught between your workplace and your home, looking for a respite from the heat in those rooms. Well, you can make your summers fun too. Whip out the plan for a perfect summer pool party. Make summer the reason to have all the fun in a fun swimming pool, chilled beer, and refreshing cocktails.

Here we have mentioned some of the ideas to make your summer pool party, a destination of loads of fun and games –

  1. Blue Theme

Girls enjoying a pool party

You are planning this summer pool party for a quick respite from the scorching and tiring work schedules, so, make it look like a huge relief. Blue themes party will immediately calm your guests and give the right push for them to indulge in a lot of fun!

  1. Popsicles And Snow Cones


A refreshing pool is not enough, guests would want something refreshing in their bellies as well. Get those fruit flavoured popsicles and snow cones to be the big hit of your part. Guests will love some watermelon based popsicles and snow cones. Add a little bit of booze in your preparations and you have yourself a FUN PARTY with your friends.

  1. Bohemian Set-Up


Where are guests going to sit? Arrange a pretty bohemian themed set up near the pool for your guests to chill for a while. You can include little shacks and playing clay to bring it closer to a beach setup.

  1. Grill Section


What are the guests going to eat? You can set up little grill counters at the site that will fill the aroma around your pool with the rustic smell of amazing food. Guests will also enjoy fresh warm food after chilling in that pool. Plus, it gives an edge to you as a host to serve the yummiest food to his/her guest, making them the best host ever.

  1. Sun Protection Counter

Party Essentials

Show your guests that you care and this party isn’t just another party, but a get together you carefully designed. Show them that you curated this party for the best comfort of your guests. Put up a fresh towels section where you can put tan protection lotions, skin care products to protect from the sun and other heat relief products for your guests. For more interesting articles subscribe to Wedding Affair-

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