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A bride’s ethereal beauty is definitely accentuated multi-folds by the jewels she adorns in Indian cultures. From her heavily bejewelled headpieces to necklaces and anklets, everything is a drop of delight. Hence, Wedding Affair enlists ta few of the most sought-after jewellery pieces around the globe. The brides must definitely try to get their hands on something as auspicious as this for their highly anticipated wedding outfit. Have a look at these pieces and invest in the ones of your choice for a regal wedding look.

Harry Winston Summer Delights Rings

Katerina Perez

The inspiration for the collection began with a series of archival sketches dating back to the 1950s and 60s. That featured brightly coloured cocktail rings in unexpected shades. Realizing the potential of these incredible renderings. Winston Designers embarked on a fantastical journey to create modern interpretations that examine the bold use of colour, dimensionality, proportions and varied stone-cutting techniques. Each design recalls the sophistication of a bygone era. And also magically transforms nature’s most delightful elements into bejewelled confections that demand attention. (Source: Harry Winston)

Chopard Red Carpet 2019 Emerald Necklace

Caroline Scheufele feels the energy and beauty of everything that surrounds her and then transforms this into her jewellery creations. She seems to reinterpret what she has seen and experienced in her own way. Her 2019 Red Carpet collection celebrates love in its most diverse forms: from humans to the animal and plant world, from art history to research and innovation. Glamorous, bright and innovative – these are the adjectives that suit best to the 2019 Red Carpet collection, which includes luscious necklaces and chokers, long earrings and cocktail rings, brooches and watches. All of them steep in colour, endowed with daring shapes and, of course, enriched with elegant precious stones. (Source: Katerina Perez)

Van Cleef & Arpels secret des amoureux clip

Cupid, the well-known god of love from Roman mythology, invited the spectator to share a secret with a gesture meaning ‘shh!’. He appears here surrounded by his traditional symbols, perched on a heart-shaped rubellite of a pinkish purple hue. Intended to plant the seeds of love in the hearts of men and women, the bow – crafted from a twisted thread of gold – supports an opulent garland of pink and mauve sapphires, while the arrows are punctuated by pear-shaped and baguette-cut diamonds. Hence, this piece can be adorned by both bride and groom as a symbol of the new stamp of love. (Source: Van Cleef & Arpels)

Chanel Lion Necklace


Gabrielle Chanel was born under the sign of Leo, her birthdate August 19, 1883. Like the lion, Mademoiselle was majestic, instinctive, radiant, powerful and fiercely protective of the things that were hers. In the necklace, one paw of the lion rests majestically on a diamond star, as though like Mademoiselle, it has the universe in its hand. If you peer carefully through the lion’s crystalline body, you see a constellation crafted from 18K gold, the celestial map of the Leo, the astrological sign of Mademoiselle. (Source: Chanel)

Fabergé Palais Diamond Drop Earrings


Now time for some coloured masterpieces of excellence in jewellery. The Heritage Collection draws inspiration from Fabergé’s original jewelled masterpieces, capturing their refinement, cultural richness and technical perfection. Palais Tsarskoye Selo Diamond Turquoise Earrings feature round white diamonds and blue guilloché enamel, set in 18 karat yellow gold. These are perfect for brides who are more into simplistic elegance and subtle charm. These are also perfect for pre- and post-wedding ceremonies in Indian families. Pair them with pastel ethnics for an accentuated look. (Source: Fabergé)

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