Mini Food On Sticks Turning Your Wedding Into A Fun Affair


The best things come in the smallest of sizes. Well, except for engagement rings. Along with a few other things we can think about 😉 But the best type of food definitely comes in small sizes. We spotted something that will bring out the child in you. Mini food on a stick!!!! Okay, so the food on a stick is not new but what’s sticking up on that stick? That’s great news! From done-to-death kebabs to grilled chicken, we saw everything already. But now, cool food is going up on those sticks and looking like a million bucks. Waffles, corn, doughnuts, mini macaroons, mini cupcakes, doughnut holes, anything and everything with sprinkles, even mini pancakes…..ooh, the list is endless! Our point: pick food you like, add a stick. Done and done! Here are a few foods from our gallery that are oh-so-yum.

1. Mini Macaroons On A Stick

2. Mini Fruit & Salad

3. Mini Spaghetti & Meatballs

4. Mini Cupcakes And Cake Pops

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