Newlyweds, here’s how you can customise your home


Every home is a story about the people living inside. Right from the chosen site where one would build a house to the final finishing touches, is a living pulse of the home owner’s personality. The word “Style” indicates a strong uniqueness in individuality and character. When one’s home is in deep synchronisation with one’s distinctive personality, it is but natural for that home to shine as eccentric and different. Be it an architectural endeavour of constructing a new house or simply decorating the interiors of an apartment, every design begins with a concept in mind. The concept must deeply resonate with the tastes and likings of the individual owner. It is essential to keep in mind that any kind of house can achieve high quality of space by following the tips given below.

Good Lighting & Ventilation

Good light and adequate ventilation. Homes that are naturally lit, grabbing the sunlight from various sources are always inviting, interesting and fresh. It is most important to preserve comfort while catering to style. Sufficient cross ventilation allows the feeling of ease and freedom inside a home.

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Create Zones

Another important aspect to consider is the built vs the unbuilt spaces. Zones are created and allocated as per usage, directionality (we want all living areas towards the North to stay ambient all day long and avoid the southern glare) and circulation areas need to be marked out. A house becomes interesting when the spaces that lead to larger spaces bring about a sense of play – with heights and finishes.

Colour Palette

Finishes are the face of the house. While designing the material pallet, it is vital to balance out neatness and organisation on one side with fun and glamour on the other. These are like ingredients to a dish that needs to be added in the right proportions to achieve the perfect taste. Various aspects involved are colours, textures, fabrics, finishes like matt, gloss or suede. A simple decision to make a living room with perhaps a doubt height and large window openings with a glossy floor finish can elevate its spatial quality by allowing light to bounce back from its surfaces. Mirrors in some places can amplify the spatial volume, while some private spaces can be kept dark and cosy.

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Every element is a match to the frequency of the owner’s persona. All put together will always pull the best vibes out of every square inch of space.

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