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When it comes to decorating a room or refurbishing it, one of the first things we think of purchasing is furniture and along with it, the upholstery, carpets and the artwork that will subsequently compliment the furniture. Sometimes we haphazardly end up buying lamps and lights because they might be quite pleasing to the eye without really understanding its purpose and how it’s supposed to be used. If you are in a pickle about wanting to purchase lamps but don’t know where to begin and what you need to know, keep these following things in mind. 


How To Choose A Lamp For Your Living Room 

When you invite someone home, your living room is the first point of contact in your home for that person. Most people like their living room to express who they are as a person and the same aesthetic vision is incorporated in all the other rooms. For ambient light, you can use floor lamps as your main lighting and sprinkle some table lamps here and there to set the mood just right. Use accent lighting like spotlights and wall sconces to really bring out painting or pictures hung on your wall. However, a living room is a place where people sit down to enjoy a drink or two over great conversations. Make sure that your lamps don’t get in the way as it obstructs the view between you and your guests. The best types of lamps you can use for the living room are floor lamps, table lamps and accent lighting. 


How To Choose A Lamp For Your Dining Room

The perfect balance of lighting is essential in a dining room as this is where the family comes together to sit over a hearty meal and spend some quality time with each other. Pendant lights and chandeliers are essential for the dining room as it draws attention to the centre of the room or where the table is placed. However, the dining room can also take advantage of an extra lamp or two to fill out isolated spaces. If you have a sideboard in your dining room, incorporating a few buffet lamps on either end will be an excellent way to illuminate your room. 

How To Choose A Lamp For Your Home Office

For a home office or a work from home station, you will require task lamps. When you are working, you are required to focus all your attention on what you’re doing – which will most likely be on your computer. As a result, if you are the type who likes a clean and uncluttered work table, keep it clean by opting for floor lamps for your ambient lighting. Make sure that the style of your lamp isn’t gaudy or flashy as it will clash with the sombre ambience of the room. Desk lamps, task lamps and floor lamps work wonderfully well for home offices. 

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