9 Ways To Deal With Stress Before Your Wedding

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Stop letting your wedding day nerves get the best of you! The pressure of pinning for things to be just right produces lots of anxiety and stress, so here we are with some ways on how to reduce these “natural” feelings and make the most of your day…It’s essential to find time to wind down and relax so that you look and feel your best on your D- day.

1. Unplug And Reconnect…

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After having a rough day at work or a weekend jammed with wedding knick- knacks, the only thing you need the most is sometime off your gadgets. Put on some soft, calming music and pour a glass of wine or a soothing cup of tea for yourself. Take time away from life’s craziness to spend a tranquil moment with yourself.

2. Breathe In… Breathe Out…


Even if you’ve never tried meditation before, now is the perfect time for you to calm your soul.  There are mountains of guided apps and online videos to help you get started, or you can always attend a local yoga class. All you need is a calming place with very few things around you. Just a couple of minute and you will instantly feel more peaceful.

3. Quality Time With Your Girl Gang

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Spa Girls

Nothing beats a spa weekend with your girlfriends to ease a ready-to-drop mind. An appealing spa setting will do wonders for your stress levels. Your worries will surely melt away. Spa is the perfect tonic for a stress-free bride.

4. Stay In-Touch


When it comes to taking some time off that hectic schedule of your grand arrangement. Stress gets more real when it comes to being in touch with the person you love the most – your groom-to-be. So squeeze in some time for date nights, a romantic dinner, a movie or a weekend away. If you’re having any afterthoughts, tell him – he’s probably feeling nervous too!

5. Get Your Running Shoes Out

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Putting your mind into body is the best thing you can do. Working out is one of the best ways to eliminate stress, so go for a run, join some fun workout sessions at the gym or simply dance around your kitchen. Any type of physical movement will produce uplifting endorphins to help you feel more positive in both mind and body.

6. Get Those Scented Candles!

Scented Candles

A luxurious lavender candle is the perfect stress buster, as it is well known for its soul-soothing qualities and can shift your mood quickly. These little indulgences are necessary for helping you stay well balanced, so go ahead and treat yourself!

7. Pen It All Down!

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Putting down your feelings, especially if you feel anxious, will help clear your mind. It’s a great way to get emotions out into the open and then deal with them in your own time.

8. Blissful Bubble Baths

Bubble Baths
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Giving few minutes to yourself for a heavenly warm bath. This will help evaporate away any kind of stresses. Warm water will relax your tense muscles and the bubbles or bath salts will be an added aromatherapy. As you lie in the bath, focus on nothing at all except your breathing pattern – this will give you a moment to fully recharge.

9. Positive Vibes Only

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Instead of constantly scrolling through other’s feeds on all social media platforms to accomplish that #weddinggoals, give it some rest. Get some beauty sleep, hang out with your friends and do everything possible that gives you positive vibes only. 

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