Spices to get a flat stomach without exercising


The stubborn fat around the midsection can be difficult to lose. And those ab crunches hurt and don’t show immediate results. While there is no shortcut, to getting a flat stomach, there are a few spices that can help you get rid of bloating, kickstart the metabolism, expedite fat burning and balance insulin levels.

The coronavirus pandemic has brutally slaughtered our schedule. While the gyms are not open yet, people are trying out home remedies to tauten the squishy belly, developed by gorging on chips and other unhealthy snacks while working from home. This is where spices can come handy, they can help us lose weight if consumed regularly. Here are a few spices strongly recommended by nutritionists that you should add to your diet, and these spices will literally help you get a flat stomach without exercising. 

  1. Cayenne pepper – It increases the thermogenic effects in the body, which means the body temperature rises and you can burn fat better. It also speeds up the metabolic rate. Include cayenne pepper and lemon in your diet. Lemon, because it makes your system alkaline and that balances cayenne’s thermogenic effects on the body. Therefore, the combination works fantastically. spices
  2. Fennel seeds – These aid in digestion and help get rid of bloating. These are great natural ways to keep a check on blood pressure levels and control your heart rate. Fennel seed helps remove toxins and reduces the risk of urinary tract problems.
  3. Asafoetida – This reduces flatulence in the body. It is highly recommended as it also helps digest food that tends to create flatulence. It is an age-old medicine for stomach problems including gas, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, intestinal worms; thanks to its antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties that help alleviate such health issues. 
  4. Peppercorns – They are rich in piperine, which helps to dissolve fat cells that accumulate on your belly. They help in improving blood sugar metabolism.
  5. Mustard seeds – They don’t only give a pungent aroma to your food but also break up the fat cells and reduce cravings. The seeds pack up fiber, which helps in easy bowel movement and enhances the digestive power of the body. 
  6. Fenugreek – This helps control appetite and reduce cravings. A perfect ingredient to add to your food when you are trying to cut down on extra calories. 
  7. Turmeric – It is a powerful antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties that make it excellent for digestion. It also allows the body to release more leptin, a hormone that helps burn fat during the metabolic process.
  8. Cinnamon – It fills your body with glucose, reduces insulin and helps disintegrate fat. Antimicrobial, antiparasitic properties of cinnamon make it one of the healthiest spices of all time. It helps lower blood pressure, cholesterol, boosts insulin function and metabolism as well. Combining honey and cinnamon can induce quick weight loss.
  9. Cardamom – This helps reduce bloating and aids in digestion. It also processes melatonin that speeds up the fat-burning process. Cardamom is also a diuretic that expels water accumulated in the body.

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