Spruce up your balcony for a romantic feel


Since you aren’t able to go out anywhere thanks to the pandemic, this is the best time to revamp your balcony to make the most of your available outdoor space. Decorating your outdoor space instead of letting it simply exist, is always better. With your outdoor space all pepped up, you can easily sit outside to work from home or attend your online classes while enjoying the pleasant weather and getting some much-needed fresh air. A utilitarian balcony is never attractive and thus, it is time for you to unleash your creativity and spend your free time productively by giving your balcony a makeover. So here are some fun and creative ways to revamp your balcony.


Paint your pots

Most of us have plenty of plants in our balconies to add some greenery and to beautify it. Since most pots are brown in colour, you can add a pop of colour to them by simply painting them in different colours and painting some pretty patterns on them.

Add personal touches

Adding a personal touch to your balcony will help you get rid of the utilitarian vibe. Personal touches can include adding a vibrant wall hanging on your balcony wall or adding a bright canape or creating a statement wall by painting it in a different colour.


Add a swing

To add seating to your balcony, you can simply hang a swing from the ceiling. This will not only help you save floor space but will also add a quirky and colourful element to your balcony and help you relax in style.

Add lighting

Adding lighting to your balcony will give you the freedom of sitting on your balcony even at night and will help you create a warm and cosy ambience. You can add a lamp or even some string lights to illuminate it and make it look bright and vibrant.

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