Summer decor ideas for your dream wedding

Summer Decor
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If you are looking for summer wedding ideas then you have come to the right place. Who doesn’t want to make their wedding special and unforgettable? The answer is everyone wants to make their big day extra-special. Well, there is no need to worry. Wedding Affair brings to you the complete guide for a stunning summer decor. From seasonal florals to fresh and light reception bites. As a result, these stunning summer wedding ideas are everything you need to pull off the coolest summer wedding of the decade.

Things To Keep In Mind For A Summer Wedding

Now, that you have decided on a summer wedding. First things first when it comes to planning a summer wedding. Keep each and every guest of yours in mind and remember that you will be dealing with super-high temperatures and UV rays. Hence, include creative signature cocktails. Drinks like popsicles in Prosecco, sangria stations, and edible flower-garnished Cosmos will do the trick. These can not only help guests battle the heat but will quench their thirst. You can also keep your guests hydrated while giving them many reasons to amp up their Instagram game with a coconut water station. The tropical beverage will quench their thirst, and the coconuts are oh so Instagrammable.

You can also exchange the scrumptious wedding cakes for cool ice creams to give guests a sweet treat at the reception. Even better, you can even hire an actual ice cream truck to come to your wedding as a special sweet surprise! If it’s a day wedding, consider giving your guests chic straw hats as favors or you can also use them as escort cards. You can also provide everyone with garden umbrellas or fans especially if it’s in the afternoon.

Summer decor

Funky Decor Ideas

Once you are done providing comfort to the guests. It’s time to move onto the fun stuff, like the summer wedding decor. Don’t hold yourself back and get super-creative with it. Create a monogrammed float for the pool if you’re celebrating your nuptials poolside. You can also hand out mini flamingo floats. Think about the famous pool float but smaller, for your drinks. This will be quite chic and elegant. Greenery and colorful blooms hanging overheard can also make for some seriously gorgeous summer wedding decor.

This will not only capture your guests’ attention but will also ensure that you get complimented often. Also, there’s something utterly romantic about hanging twinkle lights, especially if it’s an outdoor summer wedding. You can choose from a plethora of options and opt for something which vibes the best with your style and taste. The key here is to be yourself. The decor should reflect your personality.

Summer is all about letting the good times roll. So instead of a boring formal dinner parties, host a pool or beach party ahead of your wedding day. Before you walk down the aisle, make sure to enjoy and have the time of your life. You can also opt for an al fresco dining. 

Summer Decor
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Also to make your wedding extra-Instagrammable, don’t forget to add a flower wall to your decor. Instead of going big and bold with your floral centerpieces, opt for a flower wall that guests can pose in front of and stop and smell as they walk by. Plus, it gives your venue an ambience perfect for the fresh summer season.

Keep In Mind

For summer weddings, let go of darker shade. Instead opt for lighter, airier shades. Go for white weddings with pops of pretty pastels or bold colors, like bright yellows, coral or blue. Figure out what works best in your space. But make sure to avoid heavy tones that make everything feel hotter than it already is.

In case of an outdoor wedding, make sure to have shaded areas where guests can escape the heat. A tent for meals or plenty of umbrella-covered seating serve as an escape from  the scorching sun.

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