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Pros of honey as an element for skincare

Honey is a natural specialist for our skin as it can protect our skin in many ways.

V-Day Special: Indulge in a full-body skincare

Body skincare is equally as important as your facial skincare, if not more. But most of us continue to ignore it.

Everyday skincare for changing weather

Dry skin problems can become itchy or painful. Wedding Affair presents some essential skincare tips for your winter routine.

Summer Saviours: home-made masks to soothe your skin

Amp up your summer skincare arsenal as Wedding Affair brings to you three amazing face packs that you must try.

Healthy Skincare Habits To Develop In 21 Days Of Lockdown

Really, it is said it takes 2  weeks to develop a habit, so why not use this time to your benefit? Wedding Affair brings to you 5 easy yet healthy skincare habits that you can and you should develop in these 21 days of lockdown.

Getting Hitched?? Here Are 5 Tips To Get The “GLOW”

The wedding day is special for every bride and for that they do everything in their power to get “that” glow which will make them...

Your Ultimate Guide To Post-Wedding Skincare

Your big day has just passed by, you’re definitely feeling exhausted and tired, but trust us, your skin is more tired than you are!...

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Vitamin E Is The Best Of...

Oil for dry skin, oil for combination skin, oil for OILY SKIN! Yes, you heard it right. You can solve most of your skin...

How To Be Every Bit Alluring Like Aditi Arya

One of the leading trendsetters from the world of glamour, Femina Miss India World 2015, Aditi Arya shares the secrets behind her flawless beauty...