The do’s and dont’s of detoxing before your wedding


In detox, both what you eat and what you don’t eat help give your organs some kind of a rest, especially the digestive system, so that the body can clean itself on its own. It’s important to keep in mind that it is not your detox diet that is cleaning the system you are just giving your body that opportunity to do the job it is supposed to do

Now you might be wondering why you should detox before the big day. Detoxing can help brides and grooms start the wedding festivities in their lives in a relaxed way with a clean and healthy gut. Your body and mind is sure to feel light and relaxed.


Start your detox journey at least a month in advance. This is very vital since jumping into detox with just days left for your wedding can do you more harm than good. So if you really want the advantages of detoxing, you need to start at least four weeks before the wedding if not sooner.

The rules of detoxing are to the point you need to remove processed foods from your diet. Anything that comes in a packet or a can is completely out. Rather you can include a good balanced diet.  And most importantly, remove anything that has too much oil in it and keep your sugar intake to a bare minimum


If your idea of giving your body a break involves skipping lunch, breakfast, or dinner then you have got it all wrong. Its a big no no to Skip meals which will eventually lead to a lower calorie intake, leading to lesser energy levels.

And keep in mind that you need your energy the most at your wedding than anyone else. Also it’s best to not to follow  so many “fad diets” out there promising so many miraculous things, but will end up reacting with your body the wrong way. You might lose a couple of inches while following these diets, but you might also experience sagging skin, lack of lustre in your hair, and low energy and lesser glow.