Thoughts Every Girl Has Before Her Wedding

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For every woman, the day of her wedding will be one of the biggest days of her life. She is decked in her best, she is showered with love and on this special day, all eyes are on her. But before the big day comes knocking, she goes through some of these all too familiar thoughts.

1. “This is really happening, isn’t it?”


Almost all of a sudden, it’s real. All the years of dreaming of idyllic, romantic wedding is suddenly going to materialise. Even though she makes the decision to marry with her eyes wide open, she can’t fathom how quickly the D-day is approaching.

2. “Oh no! I must lose weight!”


The bane of every woman’s existence is her love-hate relationship with her body. All the curves and that extra roll of fat she has so gotten used to must finally go.

3. “I have to move into a new home now. #Panic”


While she may already have moved away from home for college or work in the past, moving into a new home with a new family is a whole new ballgame altogether. The thought of living with the in-laws can quite frankly be a little daunting.

4. “Can’t wait to shop till I drop!”

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Her time has finally come. She gets whatever she asks for and she deserves to treated like a princess. Shop your way to glory, you gorgeous bride-to-be.

5. “Will I have to do the dishes, make tea and breakfast for my husband every day?”


It’s definitely a thought that has crossed every woman’s life at least once in her life. Well, here’s to hoping that all women find understanding husbands who share the responsibility for household chores.

6. “Googles ‘How to wake up early and be an adult’.”


If one is old enough to get married, it must mean she’s old enough to be an adult and take of herself and her family, right?

7. “What will I do without my mother?”

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While you may not get to see your beautiful mother every day, be happy that you still have technology to bring you closer. She will always be looking out for you, no matter how far you are.

8. “These Sabyasachi creations. *Too much*”


Does this man not understand the word “average”. He is dropping one grand collection after another and all we can do is watch in and admire his sheer craftsmanship and excellence.

9. “Should I be smiling this much? I’m so happy, though.”


Go ahead, smile as much as you want to. A smile makes your face looks like a thousand dollars. Show the world how happy you are and the world will smile back at you.

10. “I’m so lucky to have found such a true gentleman.”


Congratulations, you beautiful being. Keep him, treasure him. love him, appreciate him, respect him and most importantly, always be honest and loyal to him.

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