Tips for brides to nail their candid wedding shots

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It is amazing to see how wedding photographs have evolved throughout the years. From random photographs clicked at the ease of location to destination wedding shoots, the elevation is commendable. In recent years, beautiful candid photographs have been the talk of the town. But how do people achieve such extraordinarily beautiful candid shots? Well, Wedding Affair has some tips for the brides. The brides can follow these tips to get those wonderful wedding shots of their dreams. 

 A quick heart to heart with the photographers

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Make sure to talk to your photographer about exactly what you want for your wedding photos. Do you want to keep an emotional tone throughout the photographs or showcase how happily married you are or do you want a healthy balance of emotions and happiness? This will give your photographer and videographer a better idea of which type of pictures they should incline towards taking.

Start from the beginning  

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Make sure to start as early on as having candid pictures taken of your bridal preparations. Getting ready with the help of your bridesmaids and your mother and aunts is a crucial moment when emotions run high – a moment that surely warrants some candid photography. Your family members will surely fill their eyes with tears at this particular moment. Your best friends who have been there by your side through thick and thin have their share of emotions bursting forth. This moment is more intense for the bride as she prepares to soak in all the anxiety and happiness that come with being married. This calls for some genuine and candid photographs.

Perfect lighting is important

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This is perhaps one of the most important techniques when it comes to achieving great photographs. You have to make sure that the lighting is perfect depending on the type of reception or wedding. For example, if you have an indoor reception and the banquet has dim light, try to uplight the venue for some great effects in pictures. On the other hand, if you are having an outdoor reception during the evening, it is always great to have as much lighting as possible but in a very subtle way. Fairy lights, candles and chandeliers all make for different types of effects in photographs and render a great deal of influence in candid pictures.

Make sure your makeup isn’t over the top


Often, brides look flawless to the eyes but when the digitised camera lenses capture photographs, the layers of makeup ends up looking extremely cakey. So, try and make sure that your makeup is well-blended and as much as you’d want to go all out for your big day, always remember that keeping it real is always elegant when it comes to makeup. This not only ensures that the bride looks and feels like a star on her day, she also has some great photographs to back her claim.

Be patient with the photographs

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Clicking a perfect picture is nothing short of creating a masterpiece. Capturing the raw emotions and making it look real in a photograph can be a task for the photographer. So, take your time during the pre or post vows shoots so that you have a wedding album that will make you smile every time you look at it even 20 years later.

Following these basic tips is surely going to help the bride be the star of her big day and keep the pictures of those perfect moments to cherish for a lifetime.

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