Tips for having the best farmhouse wedding ever!

Farmhouse wedding
Hisu Lee

Doesn’t matter summer, winter or spring, in India, every season is wedding season. No matter what time you open your Facebook or Instagram profile, you are bound to scroll through at least three to four wedding pictures of some friend or relative. Gone are the days of simple weddings — today, weddings mean a celebration extravaganza. From stageless wedding decor styles to funky theme based decor ideas, the wedding decor game has evolved many folds. While for all the other functions you might have to keep things very formal and sophisticated, wedding can be one crazy event where you can plan a quirkier theme to make the day memorable for both you as well as your guests.

From aunties and uncles shaking a leg to bridesmaids and groomsmen practicing their routine for months, haldi and sangeet is what we all wait for in a wedding. These fun ceremony gives us ample scope to experiment and play with the decor. For an intimate wedding ceremony like this one, you may be planning on using your farmhouse as the venue. This can be an interesting idea as it gives the comfort of using the space as your interest — without any unnecessary disagreements that you might have to deal with an otherwise hotel staff. The option of going traditional to Bollywood, from magical to funky, from luxurious to budget friendly, wedding decor has a lot to offer. Here are a few ways you can give your farmhouse wedding ceremony its much needed drama with these quirky decor ideas –

Use Bright Colours

A farmhouse wedding ceremony means just the close friends and family. Since the environment is homely and casual, bright colours give the event an exotic and festive flair. With a colour palettes like fuschia pink, lime green, yellow, blood orange and red, you will make your venue cosy and welcoming for your guests. For more drama you can match the table and chair runners with the colour of the drapery. To make your seating arrangement more comforting, throw in some brightly coloured tiny pillows as well.

Add A Touch Of Tradition

Highlight the farmhouse space with easily available and fun accessories that give you an element of tradition to your modern decor. You can use pinwheels, colourful pots, kaleeras, temple bells, traditional Rajasthani puppets, lanterns and even colourful diyas.

Use The Flower Power

Nothing can look better than using a lot of flowers in the decor. They not only provide a pleasing smell to the venue, they look very pleasing to the eye as well. Opt for traditional flowers as they are easily available and much cheaper than using western flowers. Flowers like marigold and jasmine are the perfect choice for a family affair.

Add More Colours

If you want to make the farmhouse entrance look even more dramatic, decor the area with a huge rangoli pattern. With flowers or colours, that’s your choice! Other way to do this is to add a funky element like a scooter or rickshaw which can be used as a prop for photo shoots as well.

Wear Colour Coded Clothes

Just like Sonam Ahuja Kapoor whose wedding was all about colour coordination, design the venue according to a theme. Ask your guests to show up according to the theme only. Your photographs will turn out as amazing. Another way to do it is to make bride and groom’s sides wear two different colours so that when the competition of dance starts, you can understand which team is dancing.

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