Top 5 Herbal Brands In India That You Must Certainly Try!

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Skincare and haircare are a primary concern especially during the pollution filled days. Trying out new products every other day could give your skin a had time to cope up. Breakout, allergies, hair fall and dandruff can become a part and parcel of your everyday life if you are not taking enough care of your skin and hair. If your skin is extra-sensitive, it gets all the more difficult to choose products from a market filled with chemical-based products. It is imperative that you stay away from products that can further damage or cause allergies to your skin or hair. Here are the top 5 herbal brands in India that you must certainly try to keep your skin healthy and hair lustrous.

1. Forest Essentials

The Forest Essentials is the one brand you shall regret not trying. The brand offers an array of skincare products that are absolutely effective on all skin types. 

2. Raw Rituals 

Raw Rituals is another brand that offers a range of skincare products in a pocket-friendly budget. From smooth body butters to hydrating sheet masks, from moisturising serums to chemical-free handmade soaps, Raw Rituals offers all the products that your skin needs in order to heal. 

3. Biotique

Founded by Vinita Jain, Biotique is an all-natural, preservative-free brand that believes in Ayurveda’s healing capacity. It has become a leading brand in recent years because of its highly effective chemical-free products.

4. JOVEES Herbal

JOVEES Herbal is a brand that has long established itself as a herbal brand. It blends Ayurveda with new-age technology to create products that work like magic on your skin. 

5. Inatur


Inatur is a brand that focuses on creating the choicest haircare products. Treat your hair with one of its hair masks to see instant results.

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