4 Ways men can help women cope with their menstrual cycle


Women are considered to be the strongest personalities not because of their superpowers, but because of the ultimate test that they go through every month. Since women handle those menstrual cramps every month, then being all supportive and helpful during this time is the least men can do. As for the same, we have a few tips for all you boys listed below that give you guidance into how can you act supportive for your partner’s menstrual cycle.

Get ready for the cravings


Women sure do tend to get quite cranky and moody while they’re on their menstruation cycle. But that is exactly what you guys have to take care of. There are times when your woman might need an ice cream like in the middle of the night or some kind of spicy food out of nowhere. You will have to take care of all these cravings and don’t even think of questioning them, just get it done if you can. Because c’mon it’s ‘that time of the month.

Don’t anger her, just DON’T

Oh good lord, don’t anger her!! This is one of the most important tips that you guys need to make sure of while your woman is on her menstruation cycle. All you need to do is react in a subtle yet supportive manner, instead of pissing her off about something. The moment you anger her, then that might be your last, my friend, because she will either go all emotional or she might just totally go off the rails. So, just try to be as polite and as understanding that you can be.

Prior arrangements

This can be a smart move for all the guys out there, if you know that your partner is about to enter into her menstrual cycle well then you can make prior arrangements. And by prior arrangements, what we intend to depict is that you can bring all her favourite munchies, her ice cream flavors, and all of those things that she might crave. This way you’ll make her happy and satisfied, and of course, it’ll cut your trip into a midnight ice cream parlor, right?

Pamper 101


Consider this your mission for at least the first three days of your partner’s menstrual cycle. You will have to make sure that you take care of her like a delicate child, keeping in mind all her mood swings and needs. Make sure to pamper her and support her whenever she’s in immense pain and just be cool about it.

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