8 Tips To Help You Plan Your Wedding Smoothly


You may be a much-in-love couple, who knows everything about their partner’s choices but planning a wedding can turn out to be a conflicting task. While you may have divided responsibilities amongst each other, wedding preparations can be nerve wrecking. From picking up flowers for decoration to deciding on the music track for your pheras, everything has to be pre-planned so that you don’t end up in some last-minute trouble. You must have hired a wedding planner, but obviously you’ll have to work with him throughout the wedding. To save you from all that drama, here are eight easy steps that will help you in getting your act together and ensure a well-organised and smooth-sailing wedding.

1. Plan It Like A Pro


First things first, start your wedding planning at least 9-16 months prior to the ceremony. Make sure that you two sit together along with the families. Divide each detail into categories, for example, trousseau, decoration, catering etc. Once you have finalised on this, work out on a budget to be spent on each category.

2. Research Things Well


You must know exactly what you want for the big day. Do a thorough research on the caterers, photographers, bands and florists. Hire the ones that go with your taste and theme of the wedding.

3. Because Guests Come First


One of the most important things to do the right calculation when it comes to the wedding guests. Maintain a continuous database and make sure that the space and food is enough to please your guests.

4. A Stitch In Time Saves Nine


Start your trousseau shopping on time as you might be needing time to alter the outfit and select jewellery and footwear to go with the same. Keep a tailor’s contact handy because all that wedding planning leads to a lot of stress. This can lead to either gaining or losing some weight. A few pounds here and there is perfectly normal, but this can totally ruin your wedding outfit. So ensure revisiting your tailor a few days before the big day.

5. Reserve Place Beforehand


It’s better to reserve hotel rooms close to the wedding venue for the guests well in advance to avoid any end moment chaos.

6.  Decide On The Invitation Cards


Select and purchase invitation cards and favours to go with them, at least six to seven months before the wedding. Do mention RSVP details on the card so that you can keep a head count. Send out the cards two months prior to the wedding, so that your guests have time to reschedule their commitments.  

7. Select Your MUA


Schedule your appointment with the hair and makeup artists. These days MUA are occupied all the time and pre-bookings can take upto six to seven months. Try out a few artists and compare their work before finalising the one you will hire. Make sure that you tell them what you are expecting for the wedding and  the type of skin issues that you might face.

 8. Minute Details Count


Last but not the least, check on the structural and electrical requirements of the venue along with making transportation arrangements for your guests. Make sure you have a power backup as well.

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