A last-minute guide for a spring wedding

spring wedding

Your grand wedding plans in 2021 have finally come true, and a beautiful opportunity (to a great extent) opens up for you. You get to celebrate your wedding with many of your dearly loved ones to surround you. With spring fast approaching, those planning to tie the knot around this time must keep a few tips in mind. Wedding Affair enlists some of the points for those who plan on getting married in the coming beautiful months of spring.

Talk to your wedding venue management

There are many things that will go right beginning with your wedding. But during these uncertain times, we have to ensure that all the things leading to the wedding go right as well. So, we suggest you talk to your wedding venue managers about all the possibilities that can happen during the lockdown. Here comes the guide for the questions you must ask them –

  • What is the venue’s policy on postponement?
  • Would there be fees associated with postponing our wedding?
  • If we need to reschedule our wedding, do you offer reduced pricing for weekday weddings or off-peak seasons?
  • If we are unable to postpone the wedding, what is your cancellation policy?
  • How much is the deposit, and is it refundable or transferable to a new date?
  • If we do need to reschedule, is there a time limit in which we must reserve a new date? For example, some venues require couples to select a new date within 12 months of their original date.
  • How far in advance of our wedding date will we review and consider whether or not we should postpone?
  • If we need to postpone our wedding until next year, will you have available dates?
  • Do you require wedding insurance?
  • If your venue is temporarily closed, what’s the best way to contact you?

Add spring colours and decor

You must add a spring fervour to your wedding. Blankets or pashminas, sparklers, cookies, mulled wine spices, candy canes or little bottles of Baileys are all cute and doable mild winter wedding favour options. Consider making an effort to ensure your guests are kept warm and cheery once they arrive. A hot drink on arrival is a nice and simple idea. Decorate in rich, warm tones of berry red, burgundy, black and gold. Add extra wintry romance with lots of natural greenery, or even a hint of tartan. Celebrate the spring season outdoors. Have guests admire a classic, modern or garden ceremony and reception. Discover all the ways to decorate your wedding with the latest styles and trends.

Tips for cutting the guest list

spring weddingThe reality of a wedding during this time is a limited guest list. So, if you have a lot of invitees the trim up that dream list until you reach your real number. The easiest way to cut the list is to come up with rules and actually stick to them. Here are a few common ones:

  • If neither of you has known them that well before, don’t invite them.
  • It is reality-check time as Coronavirus is not ready to settle. So do not shy away from an adult-only party. Children do not how to take care of themselves during the pandemic.
  • If neither of you has spoken to them in three years and they’re not related to you, don’t invite them.
  • If there’s anyone who’s on the list because you feel guilty about leaving them off, don’t invite them.

A sustainable wedding

“I believe that the focus on the planet, with recycling and its longevity, will seriously influence trends in everything including weddings,” says Rachel Birthistle to brides, a wedding planner based in Lake Como, Italy. “This year, from a recycling point of view, we worked with plants rather than cut flowers when we could. Also, when decorating large tent structures, we kept roots attached to plants and sent them back to nurseries afterwards.”

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