Date night ideas for your anniversary 


We understand the pressure that you feel when you’re planning something special for that special person, it can be a very confusing task but don’t worry we got your back. Here we have some great ideas for both of you to enjoy your special day.

At the rooftop

date night

We know by now you guys must have covered all the great restaurants or spots for a great date night but one thing that we feel is underrated is a date at the top of your building. It can be something very special when you and your team decorate the rooftop for the purpose of your data and it can be something different that will make your partner special. Imagine the setting, you’re sitting at the top with your love now that just screams like a good time

Luxurious getaways

From  DIY decorations to having the ultimate luxurious date. Go to a five-star hotel and have a room in that place. Ask the hotel that it’s your anniversary and they will do the rest. It is a date where you can enjoy all the facilities that come with a hotel and have a magical experience all night long. It may be a little heavy on your pocket but just think about the time you’ll have.

Game night

This is something completely different from the rest but it is something that you can definitely try. We want you to bring the games out, it can be board games or any kind of games. It can be drinking games if that’s something that you’re into but the main point is that you can try all different types of games and we guarantee that it will be a fun type.

A picnic

date night

Many couples think that picnics are a concept of the past but it can be something very special when you try it out yourself. You just have to go to a beautiful location and set up your picnic there. It will definitely be something new and something that will make your anniversary great.

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