Add a happy vibe to your home with these colours


Colours play a significant role in our lives and each colour has its own significant value. Each colour represents a feeling or an emotion that humans connect with. The shade of the walls at our home defines a lot and affects our behaviour and mood swings. The energy we bring into our homes depends a lot on the colour of our walls. It plays a vital role in setting the tone and mood of our home. Each colour triggers a certain emotion and joy that is important to connect with. As we are still in the middle of a pandemic, a lot of our time is spent at home while working from home is still a thing. Hence, here are 5 colours you can incorporate into your house for good vibes only.

Blush pink

For a chirpy morning is a joyful shade of pink. It will certainly put a smile on your face as soon as you wake up and open your eyes. It could lighten up your mood and make your day.

summer decor


For a calm mind and relaxed surroundings, lilac is your colour of choice. It is a subtle shade of purple that has very calming properties and it goes well with any piece of furniture. You would love waking up in a room that has walls painted with lilac.

Pistachio green

For nature lovers who love being outdoors, green is the perfect choice of colour. You can add subtle or pastel green to your house for a breath of fresh air and be reminded of the positive energy that nature can provide.


Yellow mellow 

A subtle and mellow tone of yellow is the perfect choice for happy vibes. It makes your room lit up and compliments well with the decor. It will illuminate the setting of your house and make it a happy and cheerful home full of sunshine and happiness.


Another colour that can add charm and peace to your house is Aqua. It is a colour of peace and calm mind. This light colour will add more fresh air and nature to your house. It will feel natural and signify growth with soothing and healing properties.

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