Ways to make a heroic entry on your wedding: Groom edition


What do you think of a cool entry for the grooms? Well, I think it is a great idea, but how can one make a cool entry? We have five alternatives for all the grooms out there to diss the age-old horse traditions and grab onto some #Coolio ways to lead their baraat procession. Have a look boys, I’m sure you’ll love them!!

A vintage car maybe?!

It’s time to go old school!! Speaking of a few ways for the groom to make a cool entry at his own wedding, well then how about a vintage car? Ditch the age-old horse tradition and hire a stunning and statement-worthy vintage car, hop on to that vintage beauty and lead your baraat procession the old school way. 

A hippy bike with a Sidecar

This sure sounds quirky, but why not? You can always experiment with your entry ideas for your own wedding. So, if you’re bored of those horse traditions then you can always choose a quirky bike to make an entry. But the cool catch here is that you can probably choose one of your groomsmen to accompany you on that sidecar, what say? Cool right? Well, then get your sherwani intact as you’re about to go all #BollywoodStyle with your baraat procession. 

With some hotshot ladies

Why should girls have all the fun, huh? Well, what we mean is that why not break the monotony of just girls coming with their brothers like princesses? Likewise, can’t we have the grooms enter with their pretty sisters and sister-in-law’s hand in hand? This way the groom gets his #Hero vibe and he can look like a handsome hunk walking down the aisle surrounded by a bunch of pretty and stunning ladies. What say?!

Royal raja feels 

Well, if you’re still inclined towards your rooted traditions and you want some traditional feels while you’re all set to get your bride, then you can always resort towards the maharaja style entry. So what if you want your baraat procession to look traditional without a horse? Forget horses and support the #OldWorldCharm, and get on to an elephant. Trust me, you’ll look absolutely stunning all decked up in the wedding attire and making a royal entry on that beautiful epitome of tradition-Elephants. 

On a tractor maybe?! 

Oh boy, you look handsome! Well, sorry for imagining it too soon, but just think of your man entering into your wedding on a tractor. Isn’t it the quirkiest and the coolest idea? And especially when we talk about a Punjabi wedding then there is no excuse needed to lead the baraat procession on a tractor. So, just go for it!!

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