Alia Bhatt and her sassy skincare routine!

alia bhatt

Were sure that all you ladies wonder what is the secret to the glowing skin of our B-town divas. Well, the wait is over ladies, because the sensational diva, Alia Bhatt managed to spare some time from her busy schedule and share her skincare routine with her fans. The actress took to the gram and showed us a glimpse of her youtube video about her skincare plans in detail. She explained a step-by-step routine for the same, have a look!!

Step 1: Cleanse

alia bhatt

Even though Alia spelled out this step at the last because she forgot to mention it at first, but shes a busy bee so yea such things are bound to happen. Speaking of the divas skincare steps, she claimed that using a suitable cleanser, like a foam-based one or a balm-based one depending on your skin type. Alia Bhatt uses the balm-based one as that helps you remove the extra oil from your skin.

Step 2: Mild massage

Well, so after the cleansing process the actress quite excitingly shares the next step which is that of fact massage. First of all, she claims to spray some toner on your skin then you can either use your guasha stone or a perfect jade roller as she uses to massage your face just to increase the blood flow of your skin.

Step 3: Eye to eye

The third one is probably important for the ones whore quite pissed because of their underage puffiness and of course the dark circles. Immediately after giving a soothing massage to her face, she applies her under-eye cream just to get rid of those dark circles.

Step 4: Niacinamide

Well, this ones her favorite as she claims, the Niacinamide serum is all about hydrating your skin, the vitamins in the same help you stay protected from the pollution, get rid of those fine lines, keeps your skin hydrated, and definitely regenerates your facial aura. So, if youre looking for all these things in just one product then you better get yourself a Niacinamide serum.

Step 5: Caffeine solution drops


Well, we guess Alia is quite concerned about her undereye health because the next step is also about massing her under-eye area with these caffeine solution drops to reduce the puffiness and make her look natural on camera.

Step 6: Moisturizer of course!

Quite clearly the diva is a fan of watermelon-based products because here we come on one of the most important steps- moisturizer. Alia Bhatt uses a watermelon juice moisturizer that gives her skin all the hydration and glows her skin demands. And as for a pro tip, the actress states that one should use moisturizers quite frequently to fight dryness.

Step 7: Lastly…

This ones all about the heat, less, you guessed it right were talking about a perfect choice of sunscreen. The actresses focus on the fact that one should regularly apply sunscreen without fail to keep away from the possibility of getting a sunburn.

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