Ways to make your lipsticks stay longer: #LipstickDay Edition 


Cmon ladies, gear up its Lipstick day!! This is your day to take all the time you need to embrace yourself in those vibrant colors and make your lips look as sexy and beautiful as your entire look itself. But there sure are times when you ladies feel that your lipsticks should probably stay much longer and should be long-lasting. But dont you worry, as we got your backs! listed below are a few ways that you can turn your lip stains into long-lasting ones.

Moisturising sure works!


Well, speaking of a few ways to make your lip stains long-lasting ones, then moisturizing your lips sure is the ultimate tip to a long-lasting lipstick effect. Before going to sleep, you should make a rule and a routine to either apply coconut oil or petroleum jelly on your lips. And once youre about to apply your lip shade you should try and exfoliate your lips first and apply some balm and let it sit for a while. Then apply your sexy shade, this way your moisturized lips will not leave the stain effect that easy.

Always use a brush

This must sound weird, but it is true ladies! Apply your lipsticks with only and only a brush!! Applying your lipsticks with a brush will help the shade seamlessly indulge in your lips and adjust to the shape. Make sure that you start applying the brush from the edges and then take it to the middle by taking full coverage of your lips. And of course, dont forget that brushes make it easier for you to shape your upper lip and make it look more puffy and aligned.

Fill your outline with concealer


Well, this ones an important tip, because lipsticks are a tricky task to perfect, but you can make it easier by applying concealer to the outline of your lips. The concealers will help you keep your lip stain intact and prevent it from smudging here and there. And of course, if your lipstick doesnt bleed it will definitely last longer than you expected.

The #TissueTrick

This trick acts like a catch for your lipstick troubles. On this lipstick day, well give you a perfect hack for a long-lasting lip shade. The #TissueTrick is basically a process after you apply your lipsticks. Once youve covered your entire lips, all you need to do is to just take a tissue fold it in half, and then press your lips against one half of the tissue, and this way youll get rid of the excess stain. Right after that, the next step is to keep the second half of your tissue on your lips and dab some loose powder on the same just to give your lips a long-lasting lip stain.

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