Be the well-groomed groom at your wedding


Weddings across the world are a joyous occasion — one where everyone tries to look their best, dance like there’s no tomorrow and drink like it’s all that’s left in the world. Both bride and the groom try do dress their absolute best as they become the couple of the hour. While brides put so much effort in their look, grooms generally tend do leave things for the last minute. They often fail to focus on some considerable points while getting themselves groomed for their wedding which adversely affect their ‘Star of the Night’ appearance. All you grooms-to-be don’t stay back and surprise everyone with your mind boggling, appealing look. Before you get yourself groomed, make sure you keep in mind these five points.


It’s your wedding, there’s no option but to dress up like a prince. Cull your outfit wisely to look elite and classy. Don’t stick and limit yourself to a specific attire, research and then choose something that goes well with your physique. Don’t hesitate to experiment something new, provided it should look vogue not vague. Remember to complete your look with some sleek and edgy accessories.


Spa and Make-Up

You’re a 21st century guy — don’t step back to pamper yourself a little. Look out for a premium salon and spa service that will help you achieve a fresher look for your wedding day.

Hair and Beard Style

Heads turn as a well groomed man enters — you being the groom will have to put even more special attention to your hair and beard needs. Get your hair and beard styling done in a way that looks appealing and goes well with your facial structure. Don’t be quick and take time to find out which style will let you look more glamorous.

The Groom pampering himself


No matter what, don’t let this point skip from your mind. Indian weddings last several hours and the last thing you’d want people to notice is your body odour. Take a nice long bath to keep yourself going for the day — a good shower gel and conditioner will provide a refreshing feel to help you stay energetic throughout the wedding rituals. 


It’s not a choice — it’s an integral part of your entire look. A delectable premium perfume can meet-up your demand inevitably. While opting, keep in mind, it should excite one’s olfactory lobes provided it should be worn optimally.

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