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Each year, new beauty trends take away the trend game to a whole new level with their glorious charm! And each further year, new bridal beauty trends make a note of these eccentric styles to help the bride shine bright like a diamond. The year 2020 was the era of Instagram beauty trends, which in tune were truly inspired by these gorgeous runway trends in the past. Wedding Affair enlists some of the top beauty trends of 2020, that every bride must take note of! The wedding guests in the last year of 2020 must also follow these trends.

Glowing skin is primary

beautyThis is especially true for the brides. The new brides are shifting towards more neutral makeup ad beauty that really makes their skin the star of the entire look. Ushered in by skin-first brands like Glossier and glow-obsessed makeup artists like Nam Vo, dewy, luminous skin has become a trend of its own. “Hydrated, nourished, and radiant without looking metallic is in,” says Spickard, who loves creating a flawless, hydrated base. This will manifest in products too, he continued, predicting that multipurpose balms for face and body will be everywhere. His current favourite is ANFISA Lilou Skin Regenerating Balm, which he uses to create a natural, dewy look. (Source: ELLE)

Colourful Eyes

Instead of letting your top lash line have all the fun, try out this 2020 makeup trend instead. All you have to do is line your lower lashes with either the same colour or a lighter shade than the one that’s on top. It’s a super-easy way to add a fun element into your look (Source: Cosmopolitan). According to Sofia Schwarzkopf Tilbury, creative executive of Charlotte Tilbury, “I think the eyes are going to be a huge focus for makeup in 2020. One of my favourite trends that I’ve created recently and seen on lots of red carpets and runways is pops of colour on the eye. It’s all about creating gorgeous, exaggerated shapes; using softly blurred and blended blocks of colour so they’re not too defined.”

Soft Illuminations

Another trend that Tilbury predicts will continue on into 2020 is a softly illuminated complexion. Unlike the strobe looks of yesteryear, this trend is all about a soft, lit-from-within beauty radiance. “Glow will never be out of trend, but for 2020 I feel like highlighting products and complexion boosters are really going to get amped up for the ultimate flawless glow,” she says. Tilbury says she’s crazy about Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood Flawless Filter. “It’s a customizable complexion booster that you can use on its own, underneath the foundation, and as a highlighter… In the New Year, everyone is trying to look fresh and dewy and glowing, and this is such an easy way to achieve that trend!” (Source: Who What Wear)

Glitter All Over

Summer always benefits from a little sparkle, and this year it will travel to new, more extra heights. Case in point: Gigi Hadid in the Off-White show, modelling chunky glitter across the bridge of the nose. Use biodegradable, non-plastic glitter beauty whenever possible! For the ultra-daring: Try the glitter cheeks at Marc Jacobs, made even more impactful on an otherwise bare face. Use biodegradable, non-plastic glitter whenever possible! (Source: Harper’s Bazaar)

Floating Eyeliner

Floating liners are making trend waves since some time now in the beauty industry. They not only add an edge to the entire look but also enhance your facial lines. Harper’s Bazaar enlists some of the ways in which you can achieve the best floating eyeliner beauty look! Mod liner like Yara Shahidi’s adds a graphic update using products you already have in your makeup bag. To get her beauty look, draw an extended cat-eye with your liquid liner of choice, then add another line across the crease, connecting the two at the outside corner. To take the trend even further, try using a playful eyeliner shade like Shay Mitchell’s neon green.

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