Decor Ideas For Lively & Decluttered Bathrooms


T-minus 30 minutes and your date would be here to pick you up for the romantic candlelight dinner that you guys have had planned. But as soon as you dash into your powder room to do your makeup, a nightmare awaits you. A cluttered and messy bathroom with morgue like lighting is the last thing that you would want in situations like these. 

A fresh and decluttered bathroom is as integral as a cozy bedroom in our day to day lives, as it is that place where we basically start and end our day and it should always be on a happy and relaxed note. Therefore, as much as it slips out of one’s concern but decorating your bathrooms should top your priority list when planning anything like that. But many times you might be confused so as to what can actually help elevate the comfort factor of your bathroom and make it more inviting and which is why Wedding Affair brings to you a brief list of changes and additions that you can make to your restroom in order to turn the basal vibe into something really eccentric and fresh.

1. Bold Designer Mirrors

Mirrors are the very spirit of bathrooms and investing in a glamourous and bold mirror is never too much. A circular or long mirror with designer frames is always a great and safest way to beautify your bathroom and make it more functional as well.

 2. Fresh Green Plants

Adding fresh green plants to your surroundings is always a good idea, even when it comes to your bathroom. Plants make the space more lively, colourful and fresh and that’s exactly what you need to begin your day with.

3. Strategic Storage

We cannot emphasize enough but a cluttered bathroom space can cause you to run late for almost all your work and errands. Therefore, you should always make it a point to put in enough storage space around the area. Like sleek cabinets below the sink or racks above the toilet seat or even basic bamboo baskets to store your linen. You can incorporate mason jars for your makeup storage and have a neat and clean vanity where you can spend more time focusing on your makeup rather than looking around to find your makeup. 

4. Quirky Tiled Walls

Make a statement with bold textured tiles on your walls. It’s a frisky game when playing with too many designs and textures but if you find the right fit for your bathroom, it would really turn the simple space into a Turkish dream.

5. Soothing Lighting

Calm and serene ambience is usually an outcome of thoughtful light setting. Going for dim and soothing lights would be our earnest suggestion. But you might want to put a few extra lights above the mirror so that it’s well lit when you’re getting ready or doing a quick touch up.

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