Evergreen Looks of Newlywed’s Muh Dikhai

looks for newlyweds

Evergreen Looks of Newlywed’s Muh Dikhai: Marriages are pondered to be made in heaven, and brides are considered as the good luck charm for the family in the face of daughter-in-law. When a girl becomes daughter-in-law and enters her new place, the entire clan gets excited to welcome the new member of the family.

Every girl has this ambivalent feeling at this moment and would like to look the finest, as her first look will hold a lifelong notion in that new house. Distinct regional brides prefer different makeup looks, for example, a Tamil bride would go for a nude makeup look, opposite to this, and a Punjabi bride would go for a heavy/glittery makeup look.

Makeup tips for newlyweds muh dikhai based on her region

Here are some uncommon makeup ideas for muh dikhai of a bride accordingly with the region she associate to. You can consider any of these ideas as per your choice and comfort, or as per your region to make your muh dikhai unforgettable.

A Punjabi bride usually has average skin tone, let’s say, light to brown. Although it depends on attire you choose to wear but a makeup with red lipstick and dark eyeshades will suit better to the mutiyar. A Punjabi newly-wedded bride most probably consider suit for her muh dikhai whether a sharara, long gown suit, Punjabi suit or any other. Use a beige, ivory or warm beige color for your foundation to keep it attractive with intoxicating eye makeup. A braid tassel will finalize your looks.

  • Kashmiri bride’s muh dikhai

    Kashmiri bride
    Kashmiri natural beauty

A Kashmiri bride is mostly fair in color so it is suggested for them to go with nude or light shade of lipstick and little less makeup to eyes. A Kashmiri bride should choose a rose pink or a pearly pink blush on her while cheeks to complete the look. It will complement them if they’ll wear sharara that too of light color. If you have long hairs keep a bun and if you have short hairs set them free with this look.

  • Tamilian bride’s muh dikhai

    Looks for newlyweds
    Gold and gajra for Tamilian Bride

Many Tamilian brides choose to wear saree with a kamarbandh at their muh dikhai ceremony. Simply putting collyrium on the eyes and styling your hair either a bun or a braid with festoon wrapped on it. Simply applying a foundation with light coloured lipstick and put gold jewellery to complete your look.

  • Rajasthani bride’s muh dikhai

    Rajasthani Bride
    The royal bride

A newly wed rajasthani bride can be noticed due to her different attire. They wear Ghagra with kanchli (choli) along with odhni. A rajasthani would be known for her royalty and glamorous look at final. the royal and rich makeup will go for them.

  • Bengali bride’s muh dikhai

     Bengali bride
    The Classic look

A thick makeup look on the face of a Bengali bride suit with her over all attire which usually is the Bengali white and red saree. Although many new generation Bengali newlyweds are now opting shimmery colours for their outfit. A red spot known as bindi in the head centre of the forehead with little thick sindoor in your head. For them eyelids are preferred while doing eye makeup.

  • Maharashtrian bride’s muh dikhai

    Maharashtrian bride
    The bright beauty

Maharashtrian saree basically known as Nauvari, is something that a newlywed maharashtrian daughter-in-law prefer for her first day in in-laws house. They prefer wearing green and golden bangles with golden neck pieces. Mostly they make bun surrounded by festoon. Keeping a casual makeup not too glittery not too dull will suit your overall look with nude lip colour.


Despite of the fact that we have given recommendation region based brides, but anyone can pick up these ideas for their special first introduction at the in-laws place with the relatives.