Herbal Skincare Remedies For Winters


Winter is coming and we are already dreading what comes with it; dry skin, itchy scalp, frizzy hair and whatnot. One of the worst affected areas is the skin which is constantly exposed to the harsh winter weather. From our hands to our feet and face, everything goes dry and patchy. And if you have dry skin, winters are already a nightmare. It is extremely important to take care of your skin and what better way other than to go back to the basics, i.e. rely on things that are easily available in the market or at home. There is absolutely no need to spend huge money on skincare products when all you have to do is search your house for these ingredients. 

Wondering what they are, just sit back and read on further to know how you can take care of your skin in winters at home only. 

1. Vegetable Juices And Salads

The foremost and the easiest way to ensure that you have healthy, glowing skin is to include numerous seasonal vegetables and fruits in your diet, be it in the form of salads, juices or as a curry. Carrots, spinach, beetroot, green leafy vegetables, amla, tomatoes and lots of berries, etc. These veggies help in increasing blood flow and purifies it giving a healthy glow that all other things fail to give. 

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2. Include Amla 

As long as the winter season is here, incorporate lots and lots of amla in your daily routine. Enriched with Vitamin C, this golden fruit can be eaten in any form and its nutrition level will still remain the same. It is exceptionally nutritional not just for your skin, but for your hair also. Consume at least one amla every day religiously and witness the change it makes to your overall body. 


3. Coconut Oil

Give these artificial moisturisers a skip this winter and rather go for coconut oil. It works best for dry skin. Coconut oil can work wonders for your skin. Apply it daily after a shower and see your dry skin turning completely smooth and soft. Heat a little coconut oil and massage it into your scalp for those gorgeous tresses.

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4. Face Masks

Give your skin the rejuvenation it needs with hydrating face masks which can easily be made using basic, simple kitchen ingredients. Milk, curd and fresh cream make for amazing face masks. They provide the moisture that this weather dries out from your skin. Avoid face packs made from, gram and rice flour, cucumber, potato etc as they dry out your skin leaving it dull and lifeless. 

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5. Clarified Butter For Chapped Lips

Hate chapped lips? We have an apt solution for it. Clarified Butter or Ghee, as it is popularly called in our households is the first-class ingredient to cure chapped lips. Heat a drop of ghee and massage your lips every night before sleeping and they’ll be perfectly moisturised in the morning for that favourite lipstick of your to glide on smoothly. This winter, be pout-ready with your beautiful, luscious lips and rock your pictures.

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But remember these simple, home ingredients will only show their magic when used regularly without fail. And we know that you won’t skip making this your routine. 


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