Reasons to add indoor plants for a fitter you

indoor plants

Indoor plants are all the cool kids talk about these days. Our social media (especially Pinterest) is flooded with aesthetic pictures of walls and desks donning plants. Plants in cute ceramic pots, plants hanging over walls that would be otherwise dull and plants cascading over desks and windows have made our eyes pop. However, indoor plants are more than just pretty decor and have multiple benefits. There are many benefits of having indoor plants. They’re easy to maintain, help us in various ways and truly are a must-have for everybody!

They Make The Air Cleaner & Safer

Indoor plants removed nearly 80% of volatile air compounds  like benzene, acetone and formaldehyde, which have a harmful effect on our respiratory system. Additionally, they also take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen in return and more oxygen (especially in the polluted environment we live in) is always a plus.

indoor plants

They Reduce Stress, Anxiety & Depression

While planting and taking care of indoor plans, you’re in the here and now and this makes you focus on the task at hand, rather than your stressors. Additionally, being surrounded by indoor plants makes us feel calm and composed. With work-from-home becoming the new normal, we are glued to our computers and phones which stresses us out and even increases our heart rate. Gardening can play a major role in reducing this stress and anxiety and ultimately prevent us from burning out!

They Have Therapeutic Healing Powers

Being in the presence of plants, not only heals you mentally, but also physically. This is one of the major benefits of having indoor plants.

They Uplift Moods

Indoor plants make you feel good. Human beings have always loved being surrounded by nature as we evolved from our primitive ancestors who thrived in natural settings. However, living in concrete jungles has cut our contact with the natural world. Having indoor plants solves this to a certain extent. When we see greenery around us (even if it’s on our desk or window pane), we feel happy and there is a rise in our dopamine levels. This automatically uplifts our mood! Club this with the stress-relieving and therapeutic benefits of having indoor plants, and we have a magical solution for our mood and well-being!

indoor plants

They Make You Feel Accomplished

Plants need care and attention. Growing them requires patience, tenderness and a significant amount of effort. But once they begin thriving in your care, you feel a massive sense of accomplishment. You feel pride and joy in seeing your plant growing. This makes you feel great about yourself and increases your self confidence and esteem! This is one of the best benefits of having indoor plants.

They Increase Your Productivity

There are multiple studies that prove this benefit of having indoor plants. The presence of plants in offices boosted the employees’ productivity by nearly 15% and also increased their job satisfaction. College students were able to grasp subjects faster and be more focused while completing assignments when they were surrounded by plants and greenery. Plants help you focus, be more attentive and achieve more whether you’re at home, school or work!

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