Reusing royalty: Few ways to reuse your bridal lehengas 


Brides are always keen on choosing the best wedding lehenga for their big day, but talking of bridal lehengas then have you given a thought to what happens after the wedding? Will you be able to reuse that expensive bridal lehenga of yours? Well, no worries as we’ve got backs, we have a few quirky yet cool ways to reuse your wedding lehengas. So, get ready to be creatives brides, because we have something interesting for you.

Pair it with a silk shirt


Well, wedding lehengas sure do seem like a heavy and gaudy outfit once your wedding is over. But no need to get disheartened as you can always reuse your bridal lehenga by pairing it up with a classy silk shirt. This way you’ll be able to reuse your bridal lehengas and you can also make it look trendy yet casual both, at the same time. You can choose the silk shirt according to the shade of your bridal lehenga. And just to top it, you can tie a knot with the loose ends of your shirt, just to give it a blouse kinda look.

Adorn the dupattas

C’mon now, you can’t be serious?! How can you not notice the detailed dupatta of your bridal lehenga? You can always use the dupatta of your wedding lehenga, this way you will not have to make an extra effort towards the rest of your outfit because the dupatta itself might do the deed. A basic tailored suit matching the shade of your wedding dupatta will give you a perfect traditional outfit looking all new and gorgeous.

Mix’ n match

Well, living in India this is bound to happen right? Ladies are always up for some new ideas to style their different pieces with other different outfits. While we talk about the bridal lehengas and reusing the same, well then you can always use the blouse with a less heavy lehenga or use the bridal blouse with a minimal lehenga, either way around. This way you’ll be able to reuse your wedding lehenga in a way that nor does it look extra and neither do your lehengas go unused.

Total revamp


This is the ultimate option, it suggests that if you’ve totally given up on the thought of you wearing your bridal lehenga ever again then you should probably think of getting it restitched. And by restitched we tend to indicate the fact that you can totally revamp your wedding lehenga and get something else like a suit, a gown, or something else stitched out of it.

P.S.- Problem solved! Now you girls better not think that your bridal lehengas are of no use once you’re married.

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