The ultimate summer wedding decor


A wedding theme can literally make or break your wedding. From pretty pastels to exotic vibrant colours, the first impression of your wedding ceremony is set in its theme. Hence, each season calls for a unique decor to highlight the soul of the ceremony. So your beautiful summer wedding requires the daintiest theme to shine out this season. Wedding Affair has enlisted some great themes to follow for your wedding, as these go beautifully with the summer season love.


Decorate your summer wedding with beautiful summer flowers and see the soft daintiness of your party elevate. Lilies, daisies and blanket flowers are your perfect companions to stylise your wedding. Let the soft colours enhance the aura and decor of your gorgeous wedding. Plus, their fragrance is refreshing too. Indian weddings are known to thrive on marigold decorations. Why not make it a theme? They are meant to add colour and fragrance to any garden. With colours ranging from light yellow to golden brown, it has found its use in religious and medicinal areas. Hence, there is also a mystical charm to this beautiful flower.

White Wedding

Well, white weddings are not ‘just’ for western cultures. Summer weddings will look super calm, quiet and cool when the theme is white. For example, remember ‘Aisha’ has ‘Gal Mitthi Mitthi Bol’ where the family and friends rejoiced in a white wedding. With white lehengas, sarees and sherwanis, the entire mood is uplifted to that of clean and light decorations. The feeling of love overtakes the subdued decor and shines the most. Light golden accents and minimal pieces suit this kind of decor the most. The idea of an Indian white wedding sounds quite interesting at any point in time!


We’ll go ahead and say that modern weddings require modern solutions. Hence, quirked-up wedding theme to the rescue. For example, you can experiment with as many colours as you want. You can personalise it as much as you can. From caricatures to the hand-made pinwheel and other paper artworks, the options never end. Take wedding transportation to new heights with a hot air balloon ride. Or, if it’ll suit your wedding style, get nostalgic with some charming yellow school buses. And for extra flair, customize the ride by playing fun music or decking out the bus with wedding cards and signs.summer wedding


Many modern couples are conscious and eco-friendly by their lifestyle. Hence, an eco-friendly wedding truly suits their style. Or better, they can opt for a nature-based wedding that accentuates their fashion game to the hilt. You can base your weddings on beautiful beaches or exotic gardens for maximum natural beauty. Rest assured, just because an event draws from mother nature doesn’t mean elegance, style, or luxury need be sacrificed. Using a colour palette of ivories, browns, and greens, while tastefully incorporating earthly objects such as leaves, pinecones, and branches are the best way to achieve the desired organic ambience.


A blue theme adds the perfect amount of ‘cool’ to your summer wedding of high temperatures. This kind of theme will be soothing as well as elegant for your summer wedding. Unique blue flowers and decor will definitely lend an exotic touch to your festivities. Sea green and pink accentuates work well with such a vibrant theme. Matching wedding attire with the theme will also work wonders. Powder blue is just a beautiful, soft, elegant colour for a wedding and looks most beautiful on its own or with a splash of white, making it a wise choice. Deliver this colour in also formal invitations and an immaculate wedding cake that will really wow the socks off your guests.

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