Things to keep in mind for your destination wedding: Pandemic edition


Destination weddings sure do sound like a fun and exciting event, but that was all before the pandemic struck us. But don’t worry you can still make your destination wedding a success with certain pointers in mind. Listed below are a few things that all the people planning to organize a destination wedding during the pandemic should keep in mind.

Destination, of course!


First things first, the most important aspect in terms of destination weddings obviously has to be the destination. Choosing the destination might seem a lot easier, but it definitely is not! Because you will have to take a look into aspects such as the perfect location according to your budget and especially the rate of infection in that particular state or country. Keeping the global pandemic in mind, you will have to choose the destination that seems safe and sound for not just the family, but for your guests too.

Guestlist and the guidelines

Even though the government seems to have loosened up the wedding restrictions, but there are certain guidelines that you need to follow. Especially while we speak of an Indian wedding there are plenty of guests that you think you cannot avoid, but here you will have to my friend. And this is because of the guest limitations due to the pandemic restrictions. You can personally call your dear ones and let them know about the situation and ask them to bring one family member along and not more than that. Yes, it sure sounds weird, but you cannot compromise on safety, right?

Sanitisation and masks stocked up!


This is probably one of the most important factors in terms of planning a destination wedding while the pandemic is on. Your guests will definitely carry their own sanitizers and masks to your destination wedding, but you will have to keep your own shields stocked up as well. Try and carry extra stacks of masks and sanitizers just in case of any emergencies.


You will have to keep a practical mindset while you’re planning a destination wedding in times of such crisis. By being practical all we mean to say is that this sure is the fairytale that you’ve been planing since you were a teenager, but your health and safety should be your number one priority. Make sure that you put your emotions and sentiments aside and make it clear to all your guests that if anyone is feeling sick or is a little unwell they may not consider coming to the wedding. They might feel a little abrupt, but ultimately it’s for the greater good.

Advance visit

Well, this one’s a feasible and important one to follow. You should consider visiting the chosen destination beforehand just to keep an eye on all the arrangements and especially the safety measurements. Since you are planning on a destination wedding during the pandemic situation then you will have to make sure of a few facts. Like whether or not is the location sanitized and most importantly is the staff is vaccinated or not. Ensuring these pointers should be your number one priority.

Back up!

Well, this means that you need to make sure of certain backup situations regarding the wedding planning, your health, or even your guests’ health. No matter how positive you may be, you should make sure to keep a backup if something goes wrong.

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