This is how you should take care of your engagement ring


The engagement ring is one of the precious objects in our life. It does not only bear the significance of your relationship, but it also gives completeness to the bonding. So, women don’t want to lose or damage the ring at any cost and hence they want to take good care to keep it pampered. Be it an engagement rich of metal like gold or any gemstone like diamond, there are different methods to keep the ring polished, shiny and new forever. So, here’s how can you clean your engagement ring.

Clean it regularly

If you are not cleaning your ring regularly, then you are doing injustice to it. If it’s not getting cleaned daily then there are high chances for it to lose its shine quickly. So, to keep it new and polished forever, just keep it in a mug full of warm water with some liquid soap or dishwashing soap in it for some time and then brush it off with a mild baby toothbrush. Do this once a week.

For the diamond rings

Diamond is tough to damage, but it’s not invincible. It might get damaged or look dull if you don’t take proper care of it just because diamonds are hard to break. No matter, how much sturdy it is, take good care and use delicately.

When to not wear it?

If your ring is extremely delicate with intricate designs and works, then take it off while playing any sports or doing gym, because the tiny stones may come out easily then. It’s always better to take it off while doing anything rigorous. But while sleeping, it absolutely depends on your comfort level to wear the ring.


Due to weight loss or gain, the ring may feel too tight or too loose for you. So, when this happens, make sure you take this to your jeweller and resize it and don’t try to do anything with it at home on your own. Because you may leave it damaged then, so take it to the jewellery store for resizing.

Professional cleaning

Apart from cleaning this at home once a week, you should go for professional cleaning as well once a year by taking the ring to your jeweller. And if you need to be very active outdoors or in the kitchen, then it’s better to go for professional cleaning only.

What not to use while cleaning?

Do not use baking soda, powdered cleaners, bleach, chlorine etc. for cleaning your engagement ring, because the harsh chemicals will definitely damage it to the core.

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