Ways to make your ONLINE wedding exciting

Online Wedding
Hisu Lee

Indian weddings are known to be a grand affair since ages as the whole community unites together to celebrate the pious essence of nuptial bondings. For most of the Indians residing in the heart of our cherubic motherland with values and morals loaded with love and blessings. A marriage ceremony is the biggest party they throw in their lifetime. So, nowadays trending the very idea of a virtual wedding in front of a laptop may put off many. But with social distancing being the keyword in the post Covid-19 world. Even if you have all the financial prosperities, a great grand wedlock and ceremonious felicitation may not be just possible. The Coronavirus pandemic has really threatened us to our core and taking precautionary measures has become necessarily important for the healthy survival of the human folk. Henceforth, couples you can stick to these few ways to make your online wedding exciting and a memorable one –

Online Wedding
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Friends & Guests

Including your friends is something so rejoicing because a friend in need is a friend indeed. Friends play an essential part in your life at every step with whom you laugh, you cry, you enjoy, you cherish precious moments. So, why not include them wholeheartedly for your grand moment – your auspicious wedlock. Henceforth, the entire wedding can be hosted by you or any of your close friends. You just need a laptop and a stable internet connection to make the whole occasion exciting.

As a result, you can invite as many guests virtually you want. Irrespective of where they stay. You need to even opt to livestream the entire wedding to the world. Using notable apps for video conferencing dipped in party glitters like Zoom, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, Slack, BlueJeans, etc. It’s the epoch of digitalisation where making the face-to-face connection is worth invigorating.

Fancy Attires & Gifts

Decking up from top to toe in gorgeousness in jaw-dropping attires and jewellery accompanied with makeup and enthralling hairstyles is all that your guests need for your wedlock. Therefore, you must ensure to fix a convenient time for your wedding based on an auspicious time schedule, and give your guests a time slot when they can simply dress up and join in wherever they are. 

Online Wedding
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For gifts, you can always personalise and get them delivered to your guests on the day of the wedding. Gifts are extremely special to make one thing notable that no matter what. Weddings are always to be commemorated with unconditional love and blessings. Exchange of gifts is a magnificent sign of wedlock splendour and divine unity.

Weddings become so emotional as you carry a whole voyage of memories from your birth till the date you start with a new journey. With a partner of bliss and endless support. In between this entire scenario, your deep emotions for your mother, father, siblings, guardians, childhood friends, can be full of love notes and thank you notes for staying throughout your thick and thin. Therefore, you can arrange exclusive speeches for your parents, close friends, relatives during the wedding to make it engaging for each one of them. 

Online Wedding
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Food & Entertainment

You can run a short movie or wedding photography slides during the online event for all to see. Such short movies will bind everyone together through tears and smiles and will add more to your online wedding diaries. 

Finger-licking food items will definitely set the online wedding mood as without some mouth-watering delicacies, a grand celebration seems nothing. Ask your guests about their favourite cuisines and drinks. Then you can pre-order food as per the preferences of your closest guests and get them delivered to their respective residences. You all can eat together online at your respective homes creating a different fun-filled environment all together. 

Without some music and booty-shaking, the fun remains incomplete! Last but not the least, for adding more to your wed-day entertainment package. You can definitely hire a popular DJ to do a livestream of his performances to heart-throbbingly entertain your guests at the end. 

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